Urban Decay Holiday 2011

13 September, 2011

I know, it may seem like it’s slow on the beauty front, but admittedly, I haven’t been paying as much attention. All that changes with the latest Urban Decay email…the holiday stuff is online, and it is full of win. I know, it’s over 100 shopping days til Christmas, but this is great to a) buy now to take care of little things, or b) stock up for numero uno-yourself.

First up is the Book of Shadows 4, retailing at $64. 16 shadows (10 of them neutral-ish, 11 if gunmetal is neutral to you-it is to me), a 24/7 liquid liner, the curling mascara, UDPP (in a tube, thank you very much), and the mini speaker/USB cord. I have to say, my mini speaker would be used for my iPod and that’s it. Am I buying this? No. After buying three iterations of the BoS, I’ve come to realize that nobody needs that much neutral. I certainly don’t, as the most neutral I get is Half Baked and occasionally, Twice Baked for a lower liner.

Something exponentially more appealing? Professional Size Primer Potion, in a tube, for $30. Yes please!

The stashes are back with a venegance this year-starting out with the 24/7 shadow pencil stash. It features minis of Clash, Rehab, Sin, Juju, and Delinquent, which makes it a great gift. Can’t say I’d be buying it, as I am not into the chubby pencils anymore. I was before I really got into makeup-but things change. This retails for $34-so it’s a pretty safe bet.

Also we have two new 24/7 liner stashes, Naked and Electric. Naked features Zero (black), Underground (plummy brown), Bourbon (the ubiquitous brown), Demolition (chocolate brown), and Stray Dog (greyish-looking brown). Electric, meanwhile, features Perversion (dark black), Woodstock (bright pink), Junkie (cool green), Radium (royal blue), and Ransom (Parfait Amour’s UD version, but brighter and more purple-y). These have gone up in price to $32, but who cares-I want them. Specifically, two of the Electric, unless Woodstock gets made individually. One will be for my best friend, as part of her Christmas present.New also are the Stardust lip glosses-as you can imagine, very sparkly. I would imagine these are closer to the Too Faced Girls Dig Pearls glosses, as opposed to a MAC Dazzleglass. These will be $19 each, and you have three shades: Space Cowboy (neutral white), Andromeda (peach), and Glitter Rock (fuschia).

The Lickable Body Powders are back, in either Honey or Marshmallow, for $20.

There is a $28 nail kit with six polishes: Gunmetal, Barlust, Ziggy, Hot Mess, Mars, and Wrecked. I don’t know what names go to what, but the colours are: a bronzey plum that reminds me of Zoya Pru, a shimmery aqua that reminds me of what OPI Ocean Love Potion would be like if it wasn’t a sheer, plus brighter, a wine cream, a sparkle that reminds me of the Burlesque glitters last year, a brown with gunmetal shimmer that could be a Pop Beauty polish if it wanted, and then a super-shimmery fuschia that is like Zoya Alegra on steroids. I hate nail minis, though, so this gets a pass from yours truly.

Finally, we have the Starlight Glitter Body Art. It’s an interesting system (although for $35, a little steep) where you have stencils, glue, a fan brush, and then five glitters. Basically, how it works is you put the stencil on the skin, then you brush the adhesive on the cutouts. Let it set for 10 seconds, take the stencil off, and pour some glitter on. Use the fan brush to get the excess off, and voila-instant painless body art.

While you’re over there, make sure to check out the sale-no word on if some stuff is actually still in stock, but it looks like a lot of stuff is getting the chop. Can’t say I’m shocked.


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