Urban Decay Book of Shadows: 2011

25 August, 2011

Sure, I thought the 15th Anniversary set was going to be the big kahuna this fall for Urban Decay-but nope, tradition is tradition, and so this fall we’re getting the fifth Book of Shadows. It was recently sold at presales in San Francisco, New York, and a couple other big-city Sephoras (Seattle doesn’t count…:() and the sticker price this time? $64.

Honestly, though, I don’t know if it’s rush-buy worthy for me. There’s many reasons for that. First off, vacation time-as in getting to buy Inglot in-store. I would rather, honestly, work on a Freedom System or get a few more of their awesome gel liners. Second, the Cindy Sherman/MAC collaboration is exciting, to say the least. Granted, I have a lot already because of how much of the PRO stuff I already own. As far as the lipsticks go, I just need to be more diligent at hitting the CCO’s because I am over halfway done with my latest tube of Show Orchid (after less than three months) and I have only one tube left. (Even for Cindy Sherman, I am limiting myself to Lightscapade, Plum Bright, and Three Ring Circus. I have backups for both Violetta and Neon Orange, which I wear a lot but not as much as Show Orchid.)

But the main reason I will hold off at least til December is because I have three of them (all but the original), and honestly half the stuff doesn’t get used because it’s so totally neutral with a few brights thrown in. I have to force myself to use a neutral every time just because I hate having stuff that I won’t use. Now, the LE shades sometimes are worth it-but when I have to be careful with my makeup dollars (since they are becoming clothing dollars, and hanger dollars, and vacation dollars), I can’t just buy willy-nilly. Also, with a defined look and a collection like mine, I don’t need crap I won’t use. The $64 can buy me two Pro pigments and two Inglot liners.

I’ve also heard a few reviews and from what I hear, it’s not up to the standard of many of the other UD products, even. Tricky-to-use shadows with lots of fallout, plus instead of the traditional two pencil liners they have a mini mascara and liquid liner (hey, gotta promote the new stuff right) along with a mini speaker. I could definitely use the speaker for my iPod, I’ve been wanting a little one-but if I want a little one, I can go to the little gift shop at my mall that sells all sorts of quirky novelties and get it. Besides, I rarely use my Juicy Couture speaker, and I paid quite a bit for it.


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