MAC Me Over

19 August, 2011

Today, I finally had time to pop into MAC and see what’s coming for the MAC Me Over collection. It hits counters next Thursday, and honestly, I wasn’t the most keen-Cindy Sherman is my sort of collection. But there are a few fun things in here, and I preordered a few. I may or may not get a chance to do a full review when I go to get my stuff-this is a bit of a teaser. My camera has no batteries anyways, so I wouldn’t be able to do much.

There are three different displayers: one of them is lipstick and eye stuff (Evil Eye quad and four fluidlines), one is Lipglass and eye stuff (Lady Grey and five Shadesticks), and the third has lips, eyes, and cheeks.

Let’s start with that last displayer first. I don’t remember most shade names so bear with me here. Anyway, the eye look on this is a neutral, matte look with a bit of smoke. I have to say, the dark brown shimmer is catching my eye, and the highlight shade was nice. I stick with Shimmertime for my highlight, though, so that’s all I need really. The lip look wasn’t my sort of thing-but people will lap it up. I just never use my more “safe” lipcolours-so I can save the $15 and put it towards vacation. There are two satin-finish blushers in the collection, and they seemed nice but I have to be careful as far as my money goes right about now. Finally, CCB’s. The dark brown one was pretty, and I can see it working well for a lot of people-but one of the two items I preordered was Seaside, and it’s amazing. It’s almost like a pinker version of UDPP Sin, and darker than Shell CCB. It’s been ages since I bought a new one, and I love the CCB’s-especially with Halloween coming up. This can get a lot of use, for sure.

The Shadestick displayer has one very noteable thing: the 226 is back. Seriously, if you don’t already own it, do yourself a favour and get one. If for some reason I were to get a ton of money, I would get a second one. Anyways, I wasn’t too keen on the eye quad itself, but the Shadesticks seemed decent. Butternutty and Cakeshop are back from a previous collection (Sugarsweet, was it?), and there are three newbies. Tundra was the one I tried on my hand, and it is eye-searingly bright silver. Unfortunately, it would make everything silver-and I don’t do that often. There are also two nail polishes, but they didn’t appeal.

Finally, the Fluidline displayer had a nicer eye quad, but the appeal? Fluidlines. Dark Diversion is back (shimmery plum) but I honestly don’t need it with my Inglot one that is similar colour-wise…and matte, so it can go on the bottom waterline. A shimmery navy blue and a glittery black are also nice, but I had to get Dark Edge-a slightly shimmery hunter green. I’ve been needing a green eyeliner, and forget that I can only use it on the top-I will get a ton of useage out of it. Again, like the previous displayer, there’s nail polishes.

All in all, definitely check it out when it comes out on the 25th. I like the concept: real people (all ages, all races, all sexes) showing how they use their MAC-and it was quite interesting. I would have loved to do it but I’m too shy-but imagine a displayer with my products: an old-style 6-strip eye palette with Bright Sunshine, Blue Calm, Bio Green, Angelcake, Star Violet, and something EXACTLY like Urban Decay Flash. Show Orchid, Neon Orange, Oh Garnet, Port Red, and Violetta lipsticks. Gotta have lipliners, and matte fluidlines. Chartreuse, sky blue, bright yellow, turquoise, and orange. Repromote Her Blooming Cheek and On A Mission blushes. Have a blush exactly like Cargo’s Key Largo, but not as chalky. Gotta have MSF’s too-Northern Light, Refined, Stereo Rose, and Glissade. That’s my ideal:)


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