Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Shadow Box

13 July, 2011

This is the third of four special UD offerings to commemorate the 15th anniversary. There was the Liner Stash earlier this year (which I still need to get on, but I have vacations to save up for), and then the Birthday Bag. Well, now we have a new shadow box-with 15 all-new shadows.

The box itself, apparently, is designed to be used AFTER you are done with the product, or just for utility in general: the tray of shadows lifts up, so you can stash jewels, cash, or fortune cookie doo-dads underneath. Personally? I wish more palettes were designed like that. Make good use of space, and not only that but it’s more eco-friendly, as you are able to use the case afterwards. I believe Tarte did something like that a year or two ago, even though I heard the contents were no bueno.

Anywhoo, for $55 (a steal!), you get:
Row 1: Midnight Rodeo (midtone metallic brown with glitter…guess the inspiration for this one), Tainted (light pinky-purple with gold shimmer), Deeper (deep (heh) golden brown)
Row 2: Midnight 15 (silver-toned white…seems to be more greyish than Crystal Avalanche), Junkshow (fuschia pink), M.I.A. (chocolatey brown)
Row 3: Vanilla (warm shimmery white), Omen (lilac-y midtone blue…like a lighter version of Parfait Amour, perhaps?), Ace (dirty gunmetal grey)
Row 4: Flow (pale shimmery peach), Evidence (deep blue), Blackout (deep black)
Row 5: Chase (bright bronze), Deep End (bright teal), Half-Truth (dirty purple…reminds me of Satellite Dreams)

Is this a must-have? I’ll have to swatch it first. Keep in mind, it’s less than $4 per shadow, with each shadow having the fill weight of one MAC shadow. I also liked how they had different highlight shades (because I like to vary mine sometimes from Shimmertime), and how there were quite a few brights. My only other concerns are a) how dupey it may be, and b) the amount of shadows I’d use versus the cost. I have three editions of the Book of Shadows (all but the first), and while I love them, only a few shadows on each get a ton of love-some of them are untouched (ahem, neutrals).


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