Mattenes, Lightscapade, and Fluidlines.

1 July, 2011

This is just a smidge of what to expect from MAC this fall. As I said in the Cindy Sherman post, I got to see a book of what is coming. And boy, am I excited! This fall is for us MAC fanatics through and through-but September especially!

First up is the Nordstrom collection. I didn’t even take down the name…but it’s rather boring. There’s Makeup Lessons, brush sets, and lip bags-as well as some colour items, but nothing terribly interesting. There has literally been NO info released about the upcoming Nordstrom sale, at least for the beauty stuff. There are these new eye duos that are coming out, but they’re pretty boring. The interesting thing, though, is that MAC is going to have a two-well palette. I like the idea, somewhat, but I can barely survive without my 15 since it has the essentials: Bright Sunshine, Bio Green, Blue Calm, and Parfait Amour.

There is going to be a significant extension of the Pro Longwear line. There are going to be Pro Longwear eyeshadows, among other things.

A new Euristocrats-style collection is coming, except it’s Far East inspired, and all the lipsticks are going to be Sheen Supreme (that I know of).

The other big collection is called MAC Me Over, and it was inspired by MAC fanatics like us, in how MAC works for us real women. There are three displayers with the collection, and I know one look is a trend, bold look, another is a warmer look, and I forgot the third. That one comes out in late August. I wasn’t keen on a ton of it, save for one lipstick. Note: There are multiple LE Fluidlines in this. There’s one called Starless Night, either in this or maybe Cindy Sherman, which I am dying for.

The thing that made me go “ZOMG!” badly was the arrival of Mattene lipsticks again. Sure, they’re LE-but I’m in love with the slim line and the cushy matte finish. They come out on the 15th of September, if I recall correctly.

There’s also a new foundation coming out, as well as a new version of Opulash.

Finally, this is further down the road, but Gareth Pugh is doing the annual designer collaboration with MAC. I really wish they would rerelease Manish Arora-I want more Kiss Manish:(


2 Responses to “Mattenes, Lightscapade, and Fluidlines.”

  1. can you tell me which collection would be the special packaging one??? I mean the one which “take the place “of Venomous Villains. I really love a lot of things from MAC me over and I’m interested in Cindy Sherman because I like her as a photographer *__*

    • codekiki Says:

      As far as special packaging, I don’t know if any of them are going to have it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cindy Sherman did, though. Gareth Pugh will more than likely have something, though. Cindy Sherman will launch around the same time as VV did last year. I hate the term “anniversarize”, but it’s spot-on: multi-displayer large collection with wide appeal, to both the casual buyer and the hardcore fanatic. VV was that, Cindy Sherman will be too.

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