China Glaze Metallic Crackle

1 July, 2011

Today, with time to kill, I wandered into the nearest Sally’s to me (it just opened a few months ago, and naturally I’ve ignored it:() Anyways, I was hoping for some good clearance-but instead? Lots and lots of crackle. Now, when it had first come out it was going like crazy. But it looks like they are planning on either making it permanent, or they made a ton more, because I saw a ton of all six of the originals.

But perfect for me, there are metallics-which I like a lot more. I got Cracked Medallion which is absolutely beautiful. I mean, how can you stick to one? YOU CAN’T. They’re that pretty. Here are the shades:
Cracked Medallion-A pretty coppery-gold
Tarnished Metal-A more true gold
Oxidized Aqua-A metallic aqua
Haute Metal-A metallic midtone pink
Platinum Pieces-Platinum silver
Latticed Lilac-Metallic lilac

All of these are not just shiny-they’re sparkly, too, so perfect for the summer. They had quite a few there, but I imagine that either a) they’re new, or b) people may be on crackle overload. I hope it’s the latter-more for me that way! (haha, I kid)


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