Cindy Sherman for MAC: 29 September 2011

27 June, 2011

Today, I got to flip through a bit of what is coming-and I will do a second post later! I forgot most of the details for a lot of the stuff, however this is the collection that is a HUGE deal. Forget the Mineralize, screw the Nordstrom Cine-whatever collection. This is where it’s at.

Just like MAC Me Over, this is three displayers. However, this is much, much different. These are three different looks: one sort of toned-down and glossy, one bright, and then the third, I am not sure if it is wild or smokey. Anywhoo, the Wild one has the following items THAT I KNOW OF:
Fusion Pink, Show Orchid, Neon Orange, and Ruby Woo lipsticks (This is the first time that there is Fusion Pink at counters…it is, though, quite similar to Full Fuschia)
Chromagraphic Pencils-I know Hi-Def Cyan is one of the four, but I can’t remember the others
Neo-Orange, Magenta Madness, Violet, and Golden Olive pigments
I am not sure if the other item represented on the brights displayer was Cream Colour Base or what-my brain has shut down as far as that goes.

The glossy one, though, has one thing that any true MAC fanatic is going to lose their mind over: LIGHTSCAPADE. Yes, you read that correctly. It, along with Porcelain Pink, is getting repromoted. I thought I screamed loud when I saw the “blackened matte eggplant” lipstick in MMO, but this? Another level. There’s lighter lipglasses in this portion, too.

This is a collection that is going to be worth saving a LOT of money for. Trust me. It launches on the 29th of September, and Lightscapade is the most important thing ever.


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