VS Sale Update

18 June, 2011

So I finally got a chance to go into a couple different VS stores in the last few days…and here are my observations!

First off, the big thing is that all the Secret Garden bodycare is being repackaged…AGAIN. Meaning that the old stuff is the typical 6/$20-and hopefully meaning that it will go 75% off in a few weeks. Hence, why I am holding out. For now.

I noticed that Supermodel was on 50% off-so I have a feeling it’s going bye-bye. Hopefully it goes 75% off, so I can get myself a few bottles. (On the website, it is…so I may be making a few trips to other VS stores in the near future.) On that note, I am glad I stocked up on Wish, because it’s not back this sale.

On the 75% off, there wasn’t much interesting-but the one good thing was Sexy Little Things Vixen, which isn’t that bad of a scent. Of course, the packaging won me over, because it’s got an atomizer! The bottle is a purple-to-pink gradient as well-so definitely a vanity display piece, one that I will be refilling with other stuff once it’s done. As far as the scent goes-it’s a different review. I quite like it though. At the other store I went to, the only thing on the 75% were the Attractions. The Wild One is decent, but I don’t need anything. The downtown Seattle store is getting completely redone-and it’s about time, since while it was charming it was still back in the late 90’s look of the pink boudoir. It had some fun things though…but I’m excited for there to be more.


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