Review: Michael Kors Island Palm Beach

8 June, 2011

As promised from weeks ago, here’s my review on the new Michael Kors!

In one word, AWESOME.

Let me explain. Typically, I am drawn to fruity-florals with something different. I don’t want to be wearing what everyone else is wearing-I want something different. Big reason why I tend to like Lolita Lempicka fragrances. This? It’s not a fruity-floral. It’s a fruity green-and it’s amazing. I knew I wanted it from the time I heard there would be a new Island fragrance, and I debated whether or not to buy it, because the price tag is steep ($62). Eventually, I was on vacation, and I broke down and bought it because I had birthday money from my mum, and my dad and brother said no to buying it.

The perfume itself is quite simple, and that’s where I get the appeal: grapefruit and orange top notes, maybe a little lemon in there. There’s also a little green-I’d say verbena-and then a smidge of vanilla in the drydown. But it’s not overly synthetic! That’s the big thing, is that many perfumes can tend to smell very fake but this? Nope. It’s the perfect anytime fragrance, the fragrance I will wear in “no fragrance” zones, a fragrance my dad won’t complain about. It’s an ideal summer fragrance because of its freshness and relative lightness, but knowing the Michael Kors fragrances it has decent lasting power.

Like all the other Island fragrances, it comes in the rectangular, squat glass bottle with rectangular cap.

This has fairly limited availability, compared to other fragrances like Very Hollywood: Sephora and Nordstrom do NOT have it. ULTA has it, Bloomingdales has it, not sure about Saks or Neiman Marcus. Michael Kors stores do have it, though.

Final word? BUY IT.


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