More New MAC

8 June, 2011

So this isn’t LE stuff, per-se…which I think is good because after Surf Baby and before not only the Nordie’s sale, but the upcoming Mineralize stuff, we need a break. But here’s a couple permanent things that slipped through my very distracted fingers.

First up, the Magically Cool powders are back-the ones from Venomous Villains. I liked Truth & Light, but I rarely touch my loose powders (although I am thinking Silver Dusk may need to get some use very soon, to help cover up a peeling sunburn on my left leg). These are 70% water, so the feeling as they go on? Amazing. There are three shades-the Truth & Light (sheer with pink reflect) and Cajun (golden bronze) that were out originally, and a third shade-Honey Rose (a rosy beige). Each jar retails for $29.50.

Then there is the Sized to Go, which is a collection of TSA-approved minis of many products.
Cleanse Off Oil or Cleanse Off Oil Tranquil $10
Pro Eye Makeup Remover $10
Fix+ $10
Green Gel Cleanser $10
Studio Moisture Cream $15
Strobe Cream $15
Oil Control Lotion $15
Demi Wipes $15

I think it’s a really good idea, especially for things like the Fix+, but I travel on an airline where you can check a bag for free so I have no qualms about taking my full-size products.

Finally, there’s 6 new accessories: a duo pencil sharpener ($6), a spray pump for travel bottles ($6), a half-lash curler ($14), and three sponges: an updated, pink version of the Flat Oval Sponge ($8), a duo-sided sponge ($8) with a flocked white side for powders), and then the Pro Sponge ($18), which is a half-globe with a smaller cone stuck on the flat side, to enable perfect blending. I’m interested in this; I’m off foundation for the next five months or so but once I start back on I’m definitely giving this guy a try.


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