Review: Chanel Mimosa

25 May, 2011

I had never really gotten into the hype of the Chanel LE polishes. For the first part, they’re harder to find-and here in Seattle, we have Macy’s (which never gets it), Nordstrom (which rarely gets it), and one Neiman Marcus that is WAY out of my way. But down here in California…put it this way: South Coast Plaza saw me going there four times over 10 days. And put it this way: I’m not one to want to come back empty-handed. I had seen it at Bloomingdale’s a week ago, but didn’t get it because I was getting paid in a couple days. I nearly forgot about it, and then I remembered-so I bought it. And boy, am I glad I did!

Does anyone remember Bright Future eyeshadow from MAC? This is VERY reminiscent of it, just maybe a smidge lighter. It’s darker than Bright Sunshine, though, if that makes any sense. Anyways, it’s that sort of yellow. Not quite a primary yellow-there is some gold in there-but still bright without being garish. There is a very faint shimmer in there, but not a ton. I have to say that with all my yellows, I don’t have anything like it. Happy-go-Lucky is a cream and brighter, and all my others are brighter, lighter, or darker.

There is the factor that it’s an LE Chanel polish-but I surprisingly found a ton of them. Both the Bloomingdale’s that I went to had them in stock, which shocked me as we all know what happened with Jade and other polishes like that. The average price on the Fleabay right now is $30, not shipped. We all know though that that will go up FAST.

As far as performance, the dry time is somewhat decent, although I did not try it with SV. (I ran out, and I’ve been out of town and have forgotten about it) Is it plagued with the same issues that most yellows are plagued with? Absolutely. Two coats without base or top was a little patchy, although not as bad as others. You will want a base and patience with this though-but I think the learning curve is less than that of many of the others that I have. That’s why most yellows tend to be frostier-you can hide more stuff with them.

Price-wise, it’s pricey. It’s going to be, though, knowing that it’s a Chanel polish. But is it worth it? Yes. It’s the most I’ve paid for a polish-EVER. I bought Lippmanns last year, and still want a few-but these top it by, well, a Zoya polish.

Final verdict-If you can stomach the price tag, get it. If you can’t, still think about it. It’s basically three OPI polishes-and since I don’t use those anymore anyways, even better.


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