More Vacation Hauling!

25 May, 2011

So as we speak, I am getting a rare moment on my computer! Fun, eh? Well, anyways, I’ve hauled a bit, and IT FEELS AMAZING!

First off, Inglot. I was in the mood for more gel liners, and I think I rounded it out quite well. I picked up 87, which is a sky blue, and 88, which is a peacocky teal. Both are AMAZING on the waterline, the sky blue especially for brightening the eyes. They’ve already taken quite a bit of a hit! I am planning to get more before I leave, too. I highly recommend them both.

Next up, MAC Pro. I finally bit the bullet and got myself Blue Calm, which is amazing. It’s completely different from Freshwater, or for that matter, any of the other royal blues I have. As always, it requires a good amount of primer. But it’s real pretty, and I’d almost say dump Freshwater and get this. I thought that I could suffice without it-I was wrong. Big-time. I also got my latest PRO pigment-Chartreuse. It’s one of those pearl-finish ones, meaning that it isn’t as fluffy, but it’s really easy to use. I actually prefer them to the frosts, believe it or not. I’m planning on getting at least one more before I leave, maybe Electric Coral or Acid Orange. To be honest…I don’t know why it’s not at counters. I don’t know why we are deprived of the pearl finish pigments in general, because I like them better. Oh well… I did restock on Violetta as well. 7 months and it’s nearly gone! I’m not B2M’ing the tube, though, cause I like it. I am more done on Full Fuschia, but I can suffice with Show Orchid and it could end up at the CCO sometime.

Finally was a quick pop inside the Urban at Fashion Island-and they had a Pop Beauty 3-pack on clearance for $10. Apparently it was affiliated with Rye Rye, a musician. The set had Violetta, Turquoise, and Yellow-all shades I had been wanting to get. I’m going to wait to open it until I get back to town next Thursday, but I saved myself a ton of cash. The availability really varies, the Fashion Island one is big while Brea, not as much.

Oh yeah, I bit the bullet and got myself the Michael Kors Island Palm Beach. It’s definitely one that you want to get if you see it, because NOT EVEN SEPHORA HAS IT. Ulta has had it, and Bloomingdales has it. I know that the Michael Kors store at South Coast Plaza had it, but not many. I got a mini bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid as well, which is quite pricey so hooray for a mini. It’s a really fun one! I will be doing a review of the Michael Kors when I get back.


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