Review: MAC Surf Baby Collection

16 May, 2011

I know that the unveiling parties for this aren’t til Tuesday-but I happened to see the collection today! If I had thought to bring my camera to work today, I would have done swatches-but my hand is really irritated from all the running of clothes and the garment caring of bikinis. Those hangers do a number to your hands!

Anyways, if you were hoping that this collection would be as good as To The Beach…you may or may not be disappointed. Personally, I fell into the former category. I bought a lot-as I tend to-and then I realize that oh crap-I rarely touch half the stuff. And with the size of my collection and what I use on a regular basis, a lot of this would be relegated to traincase filler. With the fact that this collection comes out while I am on vacation-and I don’t have any vacation time after all-I have to be very, very careful with what I buy. In fact, I only preordered one item. A lot of the stuff ends up at the outlets anyways, so long as I am diligent in actually going. I went for the first time yesterday in 7 months to my normal outlet-and left empty handed. In fact, all I bought was a charm for my Juicy bracelet.

The collection has two parts: colour and bronzing. The colour displayer is massive-starting out with five all-new shadows. Saffron is a really nice looking satin-if you want Coppering but without the shimmer and a little lighter, this will be for you. There’s a little bit of pearl to it, but nothing really overwhelming. Sun Blonde was quite underwhelming-it was, to me, an accurate cross of Goldmine and Bright Sunshine. Not my sort of thing-I have enough yellows already that have been relegated. Good finish though! Surf USA, hopefully, is one with a good finish. It reminded me of Cool Heat without as much of the shimmer-I’m talking finish wise. And if it really is when using it with a 228…then this is one to pass on. Sorry, I wasn’t a fan of Cool Heat (the shadow at least). Swell Baby is a decent grey, while Short Shorts is your champagne-toned highlight that we have to have in every collection.

The one bright spot? Crush Metal Pigments. Be warned-my MAC girl told me that they only got 6 of each stack in. This is a freestanding store. These will go FAST. The one item I preordered was the Surf the Wave stack. I mean there’s a dupe for Silver Fog, a super pale green which I have been dying for, a gold that can get me to hold off on getting the Gold metal pigment, and then a greenish graphite. Definitely stuff I can use. The other stack, while pretty, would be one that I would only be getting for one shade (the plum) and ignoring the two highlight-y shades and the dark bronze. These are something you need to jump on ASAP.

Also in the collection are Melon and Naked, the usual repromotes. Snore.There’s two Powerpoint pencils in the collection. Blue Noon has an amazing amount of staying power, it’s not overly shimmery, but it’s similar to stuff I already have-and I prefer my pearlglides. Gilded White is a pretty shade that sadly I would advise AGAINST doing on the waterline (thanks to the shimmer), but it is a great highlight sort of shade that can work all over. That’s where this pencil will literally pay dividends-is the all-over use.

The answer to the Marine Life powder from last year is My Paradise, the Surf Baby cheek powder. It’s a dark coral/peach hybrid, one that looks a bit duller/darker than my beloved Key Largo (Cargo). I was told that they have 16 of this, but it will still go fast. There is a gold overspray on it in the shape of a hibiscus-so it’s not the same sort as Marine Life. It is darker than that as well, so if you’re wanting brighter go to JcPenney stores that have Sephora, and get Key Largo. You won’t regret it.

I won’t bother on the lipglasses, cause they’re all boring to me. They’re fairly natural shades, for the most part, which does work with the aesthetic of the collection. At the same time, though-I would hope for bright oranges.

The lipsticks underwhelmed me as well. First off, I’ve had bad luck with the Cremesheens. Hibiscus looked nice, but it just was a little…blah. I go big or go home when it comes to my lipsticks, and it was just too…safe for me. That’s not to say it isn’t pretty, though. Bust Out is a purple lustre that could be quite interesting. Purple is one of the last colours I associate with summer lips, so that’s the appeal right there. At the same time, though…I rarely do lustres. Naturally Eccentric is a repromote that works for a collection like this (nude lustre) but not for me personally. Mocha, finally, is a satin and a repromote.

Two polishes in the collection, too-Hangin’ Loose is a rather unappealing pinky nude, while Ocean Dip is an aqua that is somewhat interesting, but that I am avoiding thanks to me having Morning After and well, never wearing it.

Now we are onto the bronzing portion of the collection. As far as the bronzing powders go, you have your usual suspects-Solar Riche and Refined Golden. I have two of Solar Riche, and I have a Refined Golden that admittedly, I just got for the casing (Belle Azure, so that bronze). There’s three Suntint lip balms, all repromotes from that original collection. There’s three Skinsheen bronzing sticks, which confuse me. Are they intended for the body? Not only that, but it seems really, really difficult to blend. Finally, there are some Studio Careblend Pressed Powders. I didn’t get to try them out, but they interest me a bit.

All in all, the collection has things that may appeal to some-but it just is a case of too much needless stuff if I bought what I felt like.

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