Review: Stila Fabulous in Fiji Palette

11 May, 2011

When I was at Urban Outfitters, doing my traditional pre-vacation visit (go within a week before, buy some accessories on sale), I happened upon the makeup. They had some of the Stila shadow palettes, the ones where it looks like a snowflake, for $5. Then I saw one of the mini palettes-the four shadows with a convertible cream-and snatched it up. Sure, it had been opened (the convertible cream looked kind of funky, but just a little sanitizer-not to mention it’ll be cheeks only, and a couple shadows had fingernail marks but no biggie), but I couldn’t pass it up for $2.

There are four shadows in there: R&R, Escape, Palm, and Wave. I am definitely a fan of the look of it, it’s great for summery looks with an accent, or to go with other different things. Then the convertible colour, Plumeria, is a bronzey shade.

So was it worth the $2?

In short, yes-and I think I could have seen myself even paying the full price for it. Plumeria is a very nice shade-it would be such a good cream bronzer. It seems dark when it goes on, but it blends out really nicely. The one thing that annoys me a bit is how shimmery it is-I prefer my bronzers to be more on the pearlescent side. I kinda like the texture-it’s very similar to MAC’s Cream Colour Bases, but a little more gel-like.

The four shadows are all very pigmented, but I implore the use of a shadow primer with them (as always) because I find that they could leave a smidge of fallout otherwise. R&R is a silver with loads of shimmer, and the annoying thing is that it is a little TOO silvery for me to use as a highlight shade. I use MAC Shimmertime as my highlight (Crystal Avalanche gave me a rash one time), and I prefer either peachier or pure white shades for my highlight. Right under the browbone would be good, but not as the all-over highlight unless it’s for a stage look. Just my personal preference:) Escape looks greyish in the pan, but on the eye it pulls more lapis-y. It reminds me of Essie Lapis of Luxury (still grey though). It’s quite pretty, and quite versatile. Very shimmery as well.

Palm is quite similar to Bio Green-Bio Green is more yellow, while this is still warm, but it’s more grassy than radioactive. It’s ridiculously pigmented, and I’d buy it as a standalone shade. Finally, Wave is a nicely pigmented royal blue-that elusive shade that has escaped me. Atlantic Blue? Chalky mess. Marine Blue (or whatever it is)? Still chalky, but not as much. Freshwater? Not really pigmented enough for a shadow, great for a liner. It needs a primer as always, but it’s still nice.

The packaging, for $10, is fair: simple cardboard, although it has a large mirror which is a nice touch. It’s perfect for travel, and it’s great as a little gift as well. I don’t mind the cardboard packaging when it’s this inexpensive, and they didn’t skimp on the products either (of course, it’s smallish quantities of the shadows). This is making its way down to California with me, for sure. And not only that, staying a regular in my makeup collection.


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