China Glaze Island Escape: Summer 2011

8 May, 2011

I’ve been under a rock, polish-wise, as of late-and I come out from hibernating to see that the etailers already have the China Glaze summer polishes out! Thankfully, they aren’t neons like last year. I mean, I love neons, but even with base, topcoat, and white underneath, they don’t stand a half hour at my job:( These, though, are a mix of shimmers and brights. In the collection, we have:

Blue Iguana-A bright blue with blue shimmer. It looks to be more cornflower-y than Frostbite or Sexy in the City-not as royal blue as either of those.
Cha Cha Cha-Bright green with yellow shimmer. It looks to be quite similar to MAC’s Lucky Green eyeshadow, but in polish form of course:)
108 Degrees-Bright pink with pink shimmer. This is the sort of colour I have a ton of, but you never know-it could be quite pretty. I hope it’s a brighter version of OPI It’s All Greek To Me.
Senorita Bonita-Bright purple with pink shimmer. This I can totally get behind. I am definitely down for the contrasting shimmers!
Electric Pineapple-Bright yellow creme. This is the one I am most anxious to road-test, because we all know how yellows can be a picky mess sometimes, and hopefully this is NOT the case.
Papaya Punch-Bright orange creme. I am hoping this is a creme version of Sun Worshipper, because if it is-it may take a place of honour in my collection. Chips and all, people went GAGA over it when I wore it the other day-so a better formula? I’ll take a couple notches less bright.

I haven’t been into Sally’s recently, but I may make a visit in the next few days to see if they have these yet. More than likely ULTA will also have them, since they get the bigger collections.

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