MAC Fashion Flower and Flightly Reviews

25 April, 2011

Well, I know it’s been awhile-but I am back, and I have seen the Fashion Flower collection!

This is two displayers: the main one, and then Flightly. The Flightly is four new shades of Zoomlash mascara, as well as 16 Big Bounce shadows. They are…wait for it…mousse shadows. I think it’s a good concept for people who aren’t as big into makeup per se, because it’s great for a wash of colour or if you’re doing a simple look. But for somebody like me-they’re quite…useless. Still though there was a really pretty sky blue one that is worth a look.

Then the Zoomlash-there are four: a purple, a green, a blue, and a grey. I normally poo-poo Zoomlash…however after using Stila Major Lash, I’m on the Zoomlash train! Not only that, but these are very, very pigmented. I actually ordered all but the grey, because I am definitely needing something new. WAY better than the Tokidoki mascara that I got-these are something you want to pre-order if you get a chance.

Anyways, on to the part I got swatches for: the main collection! Overall, I found it to be very, very “meh”. So many repromotes, and after having gone to a PRO store as well as an Inglot store, I am very picky on what I buy. Another eyeshadow that is similar to 5 I already own, or a sky blue gel liner?

The one noteable thing in this is the repromote of Alpha Girl. Both of the Beauty Powders, as well as the eyeshadows, have a raised flower pattern. I personally find it quite annoying, as it makes it harder to pick up the product.

Anywhoo, there are two beauty powders. Alpha Girl is certainly a must-have, because it can work as a blush for those of us who are more pale, or if applied with a 187 a nice all-over glowy, to get that sort of I-just-ran-two-miles flush. It also is not shimmery, so that is a point it has. Light Sunshine, though…it’s absolutely gorgeous and would work as the perfect face highlighter. It’s a very pale sort of pinky-champagne colour with some shimmer to it. If I wasn’t saving for a vacation, Light Sunshine would be coming home with me. Both of them are in the traditional black packaging-making it two of the only ones (at least that I know of) that came in regular. (since most are part of special collections and thus have the packaging to go with-ie Barbie, Heatherette, Hello Kitty) I still do prefer my Heatherette packaging for Alpha Girl, but let’s be honest: I rarely touch mine.

There are six eyeshadows with this-but three of them are repromotes. Free to Be and Lucky Green are permanent, while Aqua is a PRO colour (that was out for the big eyeshadow collection last year). Of the new ones, Fresh Daisy is a very dupeable highlight shade. Your typical not-as-gold-as-Nylon frost. Nice, but nothing special. Groundcover was surprisingly nice, but still not the sort of thing I would buy (a grey matte). Bows and Curtseys is a really interesting satin; it’s one of those that has a bit of sparkle and the base colour (a hunter green) is nice. HOWEVER…if you have Odalisque, you MUST skip this. Odalisque is way superior. About the others: Lucky Green is a must-have. If you don’t already have it, get it. Free to Be and Aqua, though-both horrendously chalky messes that I want nothing to do with.

Four lipsticks-two repromotes. Ever Hip is a Cremesheen that reminds me of a more neutral Vegas Volt. Nice, but not necessary to me. Mlle is the typical neutral pale pink…snore. Summer Shower is an aqua glaze that is just that-a glaze. It looks pretty, but there’s so little pigmentation. I will say this, though: it’s great for summer because the aqua makes teeth look whiter, and there’s sparkle. Growing Trend has the best finish of the bunch (amplified), but it’s a taupey neutral. Again, SNORE.

There are Lipgelees in this collection, and that’s the brightest spot. The coral one-Budding Beauty-is more subdued, while the other two (one more pinky, one more golden) have tons of multidimensional shimmer. If I liked gloss, I’d be all over these but I need my bright lips!

There’s also Studio Fix lash and Penultimate liner-but nothing else. A little collection to hold people over til the Surf one which comes in late May…but sadly, it’s nothing to write home about. Not the surf one. Apparently, it is full of WIN.


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