Review: Inglot AMC Gel Liners

21 March, 2011

Recently, I went on a trip to California, which was way exciting! I not only got to go to my first MAC PRO store, but I also happened to run into an Inglot store.

Inglot is a name that is fairly unknown to many, even the makeup-obsessed like me. I had heard it vaguely, but to have it right there? I had to go in and take a look. Put it this way-I was impressed. The store seemed very similar to a MAC store to me, but it definitely has more of an emphasis on the artistic as opposed to trying to go super-commercial. Even MAC PRO didn’t feel very different as opposed to my normal MAC store, because the PRO products were mixed into a very cramped location. This felt more like Make Up Forever, but with a much lower pricetag. There are dozens of different styles of false lashes, including neon rainbow individuals that I wouldn’t mind trying out. They also do no animal-testing, which is particularly important for me. Even better, the founder of the company still plays a role in the company today!

When I was at the store, I picked up two of their gel liners, retailing for $12 each. That’s a few bucks cheaper than MAC, and there’s quite the range of colours. I talked to the guy and he said that they are good for the waterline, because they are matte and waterproof/smudgeproof. He also said that these take a good makeup remover, so my Murad facewash will not exactly work. I tried doing a basic olive-oil cleanse (being very careful) and it worked out just fine, though. I don’t like oil for the face, but I’m giving it a try for the eyes-just for extra moisturization. Hopefully that will stave off some of my wrinkles.

The colours I got were 74, which is a cranberryish-plum, and 84, which is a canary yellow. I used them both as a top liner (just above my top lash line), and I liked them both for it. The yellow is an eyeopening pop that like most yellows needs a second coat for the best pigmentation, but otherwise it’s great-better than a Vincent Longo one that I had years ago. 74 looks dark enough to pass for a black indoors, but you can tell it’s a plum because it makes my eyes just pop. On the waterline, though, it left a little more to be desired, as in needing a second coat also. I like to just do one. I haven’t used the yellow on the waterline, though.

All in all, these are definitely something that I will be stocking up on, just for the fact that they’re inexpensive and that they have a great selection of colours beyond black, brown, and the occasional blue or dark violet. I also will be branching out to try more items besides the liners.


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