POP Beauty Expansion at ULTA

13 March, 2011

Haven’t been to ULTA in ages-but I popped in today hoping that they’d have some Sexy Hair minis that I can take when I go to California. Sadly, no dice. However, I browsed over by the Pop Beauty section-and it’s expanded! No longer just carrying a few palettes and face things, they have lashes, more lip stuff-and here is the most important thing: NAIL GLAMS! As in, my favourite polishes.

There aren’t a ton-however, my ULTA guy told me that they have been selling phenomenally, and this is sort of a test. He also knew exactly what I was talking about when I told him about Ablaze and Radioactive, so potentially there could be even more of an expansion, or best yet, the entire line carried. The ones they have so far are:

Pink Glitz-a light pink glitter.
Gold Glitz-a gold glitter. Not a bright gold like OPI Gift of Gold, and not even as bright as Dazzled by Gold. Still pretty though.
Pinkest-Eye-searing fluorescent pink.
Violetta-Eye-searing violet.
Turquoise-As the name implies, turquoise.
Ultraviolet-A muted indigo. Almost the colour of MAC Parfait Amour.
Punk’d-A true teal.
Foggy-A concrete grey.

I may have missed one, I’m just combining my memory with what is on the ULTA website. What can I say, I guess…I bought Pinkest and I am impressed. It’s a two coater that can rival some of the China Glaze or Essie neons, and the only gripe I have is that it shows off how much my nails have been stained. I have been a fan of Pop Beauty polishes, or at least the look, for ages, and when I finally got myself Ablaze and Radioactive I haven’t been able to stop myself from singing their praises. A nicely-edited range of colours (no “twenty different reds”) that are true to the look in the bottle, B3Free, and not animal-tested? Sign me up. Especially considering the fact that Zoya is only carried in some seasonal displayers at ULTA, and China Glaze is much cheaper elsewhere.


Oh, in other Pop Beauty news, there are three new polishes: Baby Blue, Raw (a pale clover green), and Sunny (a yellow that isn’t as bright as Yellow). All are currently sold out on the website, however Zappos.com has them.


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