OPI Shatter vs. China Glaze Crackle

2 March, 2011

A couple weeks ago, I felt I was lucky to get the OPI Black Shatter-then I go around last payday and two places had plentiful amounts of them! No matter, I was able to pick one up for a friend so that she could have some crackle in her life, as well. I also was right by a Sally’s and I picked up two of their Crackle polishes-Broken Hearted (a candy pink crackle) and Crushed Candy (almost a Tiffany blue crackle). I have now had the opportunity to test the crackles multiple times each-and here are my thoughts!

Black Shatter was the original-and I find the polish itself to be thinner, making it easier to get a more subtle look, but also easy to glop on if wanted to have a more severe chunky look. It shatters nicely, as well as very quickly-I find that I can put a non-quickdry topcoat on within five minutes. (I love Orly Prisma Gloss with these, because of the holo) Removal is fairly easy, provided you have acetone. It’s a very striking look, and no wonder why they sold out so fast!

The China Glazes, on the other hand, have three advantages: first, they aren’t from a company that is owned by a conglomerate that tests on animals. (Full disclosure: the first Serena Williams set and the Katy Perry’s are the final OPI’s, chronologically, that I can buy, because they were announced before the buyout and many people had samples before it was announced. I can buy older ones, because my nail supply has a lot of black labels, and most of the ones I want are from before 2005. Anything else-the Pirates of the Carribean, the future Serena Williams sets, the Texas-no buying. I did the same thing with Essie, where the summer ones were the last ones I bought since they were announced before the buyout by L’Oreal. Hence, they were produced before being bought out. It may sound hypocritical or confusing, but that’s how I work)

Second, there are six colours for the Crackles-Crushed Candy and Broken Hearted (which I have), plus Fault Line (a light purple), Black Mesh, White Lightning, and a grey. While I had heard OPI may have more colours in the future, the fact that there are the six colours at launch is what I like (although ironically, the black and white sold first at the Sally’s that I went to). Finally, they are cheaper than the OPI’s, at around $6 compared to the $8.50-$9 that you’ll pay for the OPI’s.

However, I liked the Shatter more when it came to actual performance. First, the Crackles run very thick. Sure, a drop or two of thinner might work, but I hope it doesn’t ruin the crackle effect. Thus, it makes it harder for it to crackle nicely, and it means that it takes longer to crack. And by crackle nicely, it’s a lot of chunks. Some nails are nice, but it is more of a learning curve that doesn’t always work.

So which way to go? I still say the China Glaze for the first main advantage.


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