MAC Wonder Woman Review, With Swatches

18 February, 2011

So if you are wondering why I didn’t do this before now…I couldn’t. For this collection only, there were no preorders, no previews. There were unveilings, and the collection was online early, however I had to work the night of the unveiling (not to mention it’s at the other MAC store in the area, which is WAY out of the way), and I had other things I needed to buy.

So with a collection like this, expectations were understandably high. It had been announced months ago, and with the whole superhero theme people were probably expecting greatness. Venomous Villains? GREAT! This? Supremely underwhelming. It’s not BAD, but there are quite a few duds in there and a very, very high number of repromotes.

Let’s go from eyes-down. Starting out with the mascaras. While I do like that they did coloured mascaras, and I do like the notion of them having the Opulash, one of their newest ones, as the featured one…I personally do not like Opulash. I can’t do the big brushes. You have a blue, a green, a red, and a black, but like I said, I will be doing none of them.

Of the eyeshadow quads, two of them are complete and utter failures. The pink quad is actually something I would get a lot of usage out of, even though I don’t like the finish. I have to say, I am so glad that they brought back the 1×4 style quad, because it fits in my traincase a lot better. Is it an absolute essential? No. But I may get it next paycheck if it’s still around.

The less said about the other two quads, the better. In all honesty, if you want a good green quad, or at least better, the one from Makeup Art Cosmetics was a better option.

There’s also a jumbo-sized Penultimate Liner, but I don’t see the purpose because it just means a thicker line, and a felt pen won’t retain its sharpness forever. Not to mention I don’t like the look of it-I’d have gone with one of the liners that came out with Fab Felines instead.

Two pigments came with this collection. Bright Fuschia, one of the many “not technically eye-safe” shades, is in there, but if you live near a MAC store it was one of the ones, along with Antique Green, that was made permanent there last year (in addition to the six others that gained permanent status). It’s a nice one, however there has been a LOT lately that has looked like that, so it’s easily skippable. Plus, it’s permanent! Marine Ultra is the other one-yet another shade permanent at PRO stores. Anyways, this is a bright, intense royal blue. It has the potential to stain, so be careful with it. This will require a very good base. I do want it, however I have Atlantic Blue and Freshwater shadows and never use them. I did get a sample, and while it is a bit tricky to work with I find that you just need a 228 (or 219) and then just blend it, because like I said, it is tricky to work with. It makes for great gradient eyes though with Sky Blue and Moon’s Reflection.Two Reflects Glitters are with this also. Now, they aren’t technically eye-safe, however I do use them in the eye area. I’ll use it in the crease, I’ll use it as a lower liner-just no top-line or immediately on the lid, or waterline. Reflects Bronze is back, and it is permanent at PRO but it’s one of my most-used MAC items. It seriously has better pigmentation than half of my pigments-apply it as a lower liner using the 212 or 209, and you have an amazing effect that has nabbed me many a compliment. I still have a ton of my jar left, so no need to rebuy! The other one, though, is making its first appearance at counters: Reflects Pearl. It’s very pearlescent, silverish/whiteish. It’s one that goes with EVERYTHING. Granted, I am going somewhere near a PRO store in a few months, but I’ve wanted it for so long that it was worth my time, I believe.

There are two JUMBO MSF’s in this collection. Both of them are three colours-two half-moons, one at the top and one at the bottom, and then the third colour in the middle. While it’s a great concept, I’m not too keen on it. I thought I would like one or both-but honestly, they aren’t screaming “must-have” to me. I have so many bronzer things already, although these ARE a great value for the product. My other gripe is with the closed top, I feel it should have a mirror-but it does not. The size is very cumbersome as well, not to mention it being fragile thanks to the half-moons. If it was all swirled together, maybe I would like it better. But this? Not working for me.

There are also two blush duos in this collection-Mighty Aphrodite and Amazon Princess. Amazon Princess is a brighter pink large portion, with a sort of dark plummy smaller portion. Both of the blushes are a satin finish, and while I do like the idea of it (and the larger size, as in Beauty Powder size), I found Mighty Aphrodite to be a better fit. It was good that I jumped when I did-it was one of the first items to sell out! The smaller portion of this one is a warm pink satin (very terracotta-ish), while the larger is a frosty peachy pink. It is an amazing everyday colour, and I like that I can have it as my base blusher, while adding some of my brighter colours right on the cheekbone for contouring/a 3D effect. Amazon Princess will be mine soon enough, though.

On the lips front, I have one word: also-ran. Have we seen this before? Most definitely. Russian Red is permanent and Marquis d’ is a repromote, so that’s two lipsticks down. Spitfire seemed nice, but Girl About Town is way better, and Heroine wasn’t my cup of tea at all. Nice finish, but that’s it. The lipglasses are in a jumbo tube (so $20), and each one coordinates with a lipstick. Of the four, Wonder Woman is my obvious pick, since I do love reds, but at the same time, I am not a gloss person (typically). Athena’s Kisses looks like it’d be a great, wearable one, ditto on Emancipation. Not for me, though. Secret Identity, on the other hand-I would actually MAYBE try. If I had a ton of spare cash, of course.

There also are two nail polishes, but a red cream and navy cream aren’t what I need.

What did I buy? Just Mighty Aphrodite and Reflects Pearl. Amazon Princess, Marine Ultra, and the Defiance quad round out my top 5. Reflects Bronze would be in there if I didn’t already own it for two years (and love it to death).

Swatchie time!

Top row: Defiance quad, Valiant quad
Middle: Lipglasses: Wonder Woman, Secret Identity, Emancipation, Athena’s Kisses
Bottom: Lipsticks: Russian Red, Heroine, Marquis d’, Spitfire

Marine Ultra, Bright Fuschia, Reflects Bronze, Reflects Pearl (and Penultimate liner at the bottom)

One of the MSF’s (I get them mixed up), Amazon Princess

Lady Justice quad, the other MSF


2 Responses to “MAC Wonder Woman Review, With Swatches”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    I actually want *nothing* from this collection. I just thought that everything has either been done, or that it’s good in theory but awful in execution, for instance, the lipglasses. I thought I’d maybe get Wonder Woman, the lipglass, but the doe foot applicator is so freaking huge that it’s just impractical. Well, maybe just one of the nail polish, for “commemorative” purposes.

    • codekiki Says:

      I like to get an item or two to commemorate, as long as it’s something I’d use. I mean, I rarely ever do gloss, so I don’t need Wonder Woman. Besides, the Reflects are awesome.

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