OPI Serena Williams Set

14 February, 2011

So this was definitely not as publicized as the Katy Perry, but I think it’s a very good thing to watch out for and this is why: if there is one person in the public eye who is passionate about nails, it’s Serena Williams. So much so that she even was in the process of becoming a certified nail tech! It’s only natural, then, that she teams up with a company for polishes, and she’s teamed up with OPI for what I believe are several pairs of a polish and then a crackle.

The first one is the Black Shatter-the one that is impossible to find-and then Simply Smash-Ing. I’ll talk first about the colour. It’s very much along the lines of the Burlesque polishes, or many of the sparkly Zoyas. It looks like a bright lime green in the bottle, but it really is more golden. It’s a pretty colour that is completely unique to my collection, which makes my owning it all the more imperative. With OPI having been bought out, the SW and KP collections are the very last ones I can buy, since they were announced before the buyout. Anyways, it’s three coats, as it can be on the sheerer side. Once on, though, it’s blindingly sparkly. Do not miss out on this.

Now, to the Shatter. There is very good reason why it sold out so fast: crackles are fascinating. I mean, you paint on a layer and then it shrinks to little islands? Totally cool. It’s very fitting that we’re getting crazier and crazier things, because nails have become a big thing in general lately. Blame the economic downtown, because doing your own nails is cheaper than a manicure, and nail polish is cheaper than lipstick (typically). Cover Girl actually had a lot of crackle polishes many years ago, and Halloween sometimes sees crackles making a reappearance. But to have something like this become so much of an everyday thing is definitely a plus in my book. This is how crazy it was: I went to places 40 miles away, BY BUS, just to see if they had it-when in reality, I could have just skipped it all and headed to the nail supply first thing.

How the crackle works is there are chemicals in it that do not like dry nail polish. The reaction causes the layer of polish to shrink to the little islands-leaving the base colour to poke through. The first one is a black-goes with everything-but I believe I heard that there will be a white. China Glaze will have 6, unfortunately they already are OOS on Transdesign. Once I get those, I’ll be able to compare them. At the same time, though, there isn’t much to compare between crackles. It’s a case of awesome or not-and these definitely are.


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