My 3 Free Zoyas

8 February, 2011

Back in January, Zoya did a promotion to celebrate their getting to 20000 followers on Facebook. It shattered that number! Anyway, they gave out a code where you could enter it and get three free polishes of your choice-just pay the flat rate shipping (which for me was $6.95). Almost exactly a month after I ordered, I received. Better late than never, I suppose-plus Zoya is very hard to find in this area, and when I am getting three polishes for the price of one? Yes please.

It also is good because of the buyouts of OPI and Essie by companies that animal-test, I’m more limited in what brands I will wear-and Zoya is one. Any opportunity to get more is fine by me!

Onto the polishes! I ordered Roxy, Evangeline, and Kiki (sort of my namesake). Most Zoya polishes are named after various girl names-I would love to have a Katie (since that’s my real name), Trista (my nickname), and Kangana (for my favourite actress). The Katie, of course, would have to be like Edyta or Crystal or Ivanka, but canary yellow.:)

Roxy is a fuschia micro-glitter/chunky shimmer in a dark base. I found it took three coats for total opacity, and it behaves like a glitter in that it just absorbs my Seche Vite! Yes, I use SV with Zoya. (Some people have problems with the two, because SV is NOT B3-Free, while Zoya is). I may try using an additional topcoat before the SV, just for more shine. In that regard, I have to say it’s very similar to say, an Emerald Sparkle or Dorothy Who (both China Glazes) in that they need a LOT of topcoat to shine.

Kiki is definitely very me: it’s a somewhat eye-searing hot pink with silver shimmer. I would love to see all sorts of shimmers in pinks, but this I just had to have. Closest to my namesake, and it’s really fun! Two coats got it mostly opague for me, but there was still a bit of VNL (visible nail line) and I could see the staining on my nails also. It did get me a lot of compliments, though.

Finally, Evangeline is a metallic golden-red with shimmer. It is similar to a LOT of what I have-Essie Showstopper is fairly close for me-but the shimmer in this is more subdued. It’s a great basic colour for most, and I could see people using this for those special dates and so forth.

The other nice thing was that they sent a plate of their new Intimate collection with my stuff-which is nice as I get to see the colours up close and personal. I don’t want Marley or Dove, but the others, Dannii especially, must be mine ASAP.


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