Another VS Sale Haul

17 January, 2011

…and just above $40, with tax, for all of it!

Yes, with the sale winding down, more and more stuff goes on sale, and I definitely was able to reap the rewards of it. Here’s what I got:

Wish Pink and Hope Pink EDTs
Very Sexy Now EDT (the leopard one)
Girls Night Out gift set
Secret Charm gift set
Secret Charm shimmer lotion

The EDTs have the cutest packaging ever-as a packaging junkie, I have to say I love them to death! They’re definitely display-worthy, as I have my entire windowsill lined with perfumes. The VS Now is a really good one that I love for the frangipani and the orchid, but it’s quite fruity as well. Very tropical-I’m a huge fan. I used quite a bit yesterday at work, in fact.

The two gift sets are nice, as I am planning on traveling and I gave away a lot of my BBW stuff (and plan to give away/use even more). I had already used a full travel thing of the Girls Night Out (a peony/waterlily blend), so this is a good way to keep it on hand. And Secret Charm is a very light blend of honeysuckle and apple. The shimmer lotion, however, disappointed me greatly, as instead of a nice, even shimmer I got a gritty shimmer that I could feel. It felt more like a sugar scrub, to be honest.

Who knows, I may do one more haul to try and get a bottle of Heavenly Stardust. Maybe a second bottle of Dream Angels Wish, and some lotion too (I’m in love with that fragrance, I got the 4 ounce bottle and have put a dent in it already). There is one interesting piece of news, though: Halo is back permanently, or so it seems. It was on the shelves right next to Heavenly and Divine, so yeah. Good times.


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