MAC Peacocky Update

8 January, 2011

So I’ve had the chance to play around with the products a bit-and I have to say: I’m pretty impressed!

When I first saw Mega Metal shadow, I thought this was going to be a Metal-X style product, where it’s a really bad cream or foil shadow. Not these. I tried it dry, applied with my 228 over some Urban Decay Primer Potion, and it was really, really pigmented. I did a simple shadow look with it, UD Ransom, and then MAC’s Purple Shower and I have to say, I quite like it. (The MM shadow in this case is Noir Plum) I would have to say that if you have green eyes, this is a must-own shadow for you as it has done the best things EVER to my eyes.

Then Odalisque. This is the sort of shade that I love to death-and I love the shimmer too! I would say that I have nothing like it in my collection already, and I like that you can foil it on (meaning use it wet, creating a sort of foiled look). Be very careful if you do that, though, since they aren’t as water-loving as the Mineralizes (still better than the other shadows in the MAC lines, though). I also love that they went for the gold shimmer, because I think nothing goes better with teal than gold.

Both of these work great as liners, also-another very important thing to me.

I know they are pricier, at $19.50 as opposed to the $14.50, but they’re worth buying a few. I may have to buy Dalliance or one of the other lighter ones, as I have been needing a highlight for awhile (most days, admittedly I forgo it because Crystal Avalanche was always breaking on me), and the bronze was SO pretty even though I have Half-Baked for the rare occasions when I want a bronze.


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