Urban Decay Spring 2011

4 January, 2011

Alrighty, so it’s about doggone time, I think! The spring stuff is now online, and there’s some interesting stuff!

First up is the Afterglow Cheek Tint, a buildable cream blush. The thing I like about this is that there’s the shade range to keep everyone interested-lighter colours for most people, brights for me:) Retail on these puppies is going to be $24, and the shades are:
Bang-Bright orange
Fetish-Rosy pink
Quickie-Pale pink
Score-Pink with gold pearl
Crush-Bright pink

There’s also new 24/7 shadow sticks-basically a squatter version of the eyeliners, meaning you can cover more territory in less time. When really crunched for time, these are the sorts of things that are AWESOME because you don’t have to worry about pots and brushes-just a pencil and a mirror. They retail for $20, and the shades are as follows:
Barracuda-Black with silver sparkle (maybe like Oil Slick)
Clash-Turquoise with silver sparkle (like Electric, maybe)
Clinic-Emerald green with silver sparkle
Delinquent-Dark purple with purple sparkle
Lit-Golden bronze
Midnight Cowboy-You know, the same one that’s everywhere.
Morphine-Pale purple with blue duochrome
Narc-Mossy green
Wasteland-Dark Brown

To go with those shadow sticks, there’s a new 24/7 blending brush, which is specifically designed for blending those sorts of creamy shadows. It retails for $16.

Two new mascaras are out, also. The first is the Urban Lash mascara, joining the bandwagon of mascaras that give the false-lash look. Retailing for $18, it could be worth a look especially since my Bourjois days look to be over. The second one is the Super Curl mascara, which as the name implies is a curling mascara that retails for $20. I’ve never been into the curling mascaras, as I don’t particularly need them…

Finally, there is the new Lush Lash system, a two-part system designed to help grow your lashes. It retails for $42-around the same price as other lash systems, if not pricier. I’d be interested to see real results, though. The system works in two parts: a serum that is brushed on the base of the lash with a liquid liner-style brush, and then a mask that is applied at night on clean lashes with a mascara wand.

Oh yeah, two new 24/7 lipliners-Midnight Cowboy, a taupe pink, and Illegal, a neutral rose.


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