MAC Peacocky Now Online!

4 January, 2011

Alrighty, this is a collection that I am not going to review until I pick my preorder up, for the simple reason that I have to play around with what I bought first (Odalisque and Noir Plum shadows, Peacocky Kissable LC), but it is available online today, so check it out.

The Kissable Lip Colour is a liquid lipstick, very opague. It is somewhat glossy, and I really like the feeling of it-lightweight, not overwhelmingly sticky. Here’s the shade range:
Peacocky-Midtone sky blue
Exxxhibitionist-Warm coral
Super-Neutral brown
Scandelicious-Blue-toned fuschia (This is not overwhelmingly bright IRL-it’s more Girl About Town, less Show Orchid if you know what I mean)
Temper Tantra-Midtone red brown
Love Peck-Dark blood red
Flaunting It-Mauve
Enchantee-Light cool-toned pink
Woo Me-Pale pinky-nude
So Vain-Dirty coral
Vanity Fair-Midtone blue pink
Strut Your Stuff-Bright cool-toned red

These retail for $18 each-again, to me the only must-have was Peacocky, however Vanity Fair looked decent and Strut Your Stuff ain’t too shabby either.

Now we have the Mega Metal shadows. These are a powder wet-dry shadow that at first glance, didn’t seem very pigmented. Pretty in the pan, but pigmented? Not as much. That’s why I am holding off on reviewing them: because I need to play with them first. Test it on different primers, wet vs. dry, the whole nine yards. I found the shade range, though, to be very meh-very neutral-heavy, with a few standouts. Here’s the range of colours:
Paparazz-she-Coppery bronze
Peek at You-Frosty yellow white
Sexpectations-Metallic burgundy
Unflappable-Frosty black with pearl
Spectacle of Yourself-Deep bronze
Centre Stage-Frosty chocolate brown
Dandizette-Navy with silver pearl
Mating Call-Frosty violet
Tweet Me-Golden bronze
Prance-Frosted mauve with pearl
Dalliance-Pale champagne
Top of the Posh-Frosty white pink
Ego-Forest Green
Noir Plum-Purple with pearl
Odalisque-Deep teal

These bad boys are $19.50 each-so pretty much same price as the Mineralizes and what not. They’re the same size, roughly, as the Tartan Tale shadows-meaning two words from MAC to depotters: FORGET IT. Anything that discourages depotting gets wholesale endorsement from me.


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