VS Half-Yearly Sale!

1 January, 2011

So the sale doesn’t start til either tomorrow or Monday-not exactly sure which. The timing was a bit difficult with this one, but that’s life! However, when I went today to the one in downtown (I needed to kill some time), they had all the beauty sale up and ready, as well as a little bit of the lingerie sale.

So what went on sale? There’s a ton of Beauty Rush makeup, including some glitter eye gels and the denim lipglosses, for 75% off. All Dream Angels Wish, aka my favourite Dream Angels, is 75% off as well (I bought the four ounce bottle). Very Sexy Now, Very Sexy Dare, and SLT Ooh La La are all 75% off as well, as is whatever was left of that Naturals line. I almost got a second bottle of my beloved Cashmere, but I think I’ll be fine.

I know in the 50% off area, there’s the Heavenly Stardust or whatever it was, the Christmas version for this year. I didn’t see what else, but I think some of the Pink frags might be in there as well. A lot of the gift sets were 40% off, and then the discontinued Garden/Beauty Rush bodycare is 3/$12 or 6/$20. I need to avoid as I have boxes and boxes of stuff-literally. I may stock up at the 75% off sale, but for now I think I am fine. I do have to say, though, the Pretty in Pink that I stocked up on last time is one I am loving to death-I keep a bottle of the splash on my desk for whenever I need to fragrance myself and it’s such a nice, light, girly fragrance.

As for what I bought? I bought the giant bottle of Wish (almost bought a second, but that’ll last me ages considering how much perfume I have), as well as a bottle of Very Sexy Dare. Blood orange and freesia? Yes please.

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