Napoleon Perdis Ocean Review

25 December, 2010

This was the latest beneficiary of the ULTA 20% off everything coupon-since I spent so much between Christmas, the new MAC stuff, and the sale at work, I could only get one item. I figured this would be good, even if I wouldn’t use the lipgloss, and well…I struck gold. If you bought the set, you got a free lip balm (pot form, but a shell pot-way cute) and cosmetic bag. It was also 25% off the original $39 retail price-and then I had a coupon. I got the whole thing for just around $26-for an eye quad, a blush duo, and gloss. I love deals like that:)

This was part of the Swept Away collection, the summer collection for the brand (keep in mind, NP is based in Australia so it’s high summer there…lucky), and thus everything is beachy-themed. This set, the Ocean set, is packaged nicely in a little mirrored box that is perfect to be displayed on its own. Three pieces-I had high expectations, and I have to say that they were met!

Starting out with the eye quad, I was hoping for shimmery shades or at least nice mattes, because I have another NP quad that is all mattes and chalky would be a gross understatement to describe it. This? Four lovely shimmery shades, all with decent pigmentation. It’s a very complete quad-a nice white highlight shade, a pale green that is a kicked-up Aquavert, a midtone blue-green duochrome that I would love to see MAC release something similar to, and then a navy blue. You do need to prime with all these, bien sur-but it’s a great quad, especially considering that I am on a blue-green kick as of late. This is definitely one that I would buy on my own, but sadly it is exclusive to the set.

The blush duo is a midtone pink and then a sort of bronzey nude-both of them satin/matte finishes. To me, I’m less picky about a blush finish, because I tend to add a ton of products on top anyways. I found, though, that this is the perfect duo because I contour a lot-I like that 3D cheek look, which is easy when you have two bright blushes and a 188 brush. (Not saying that I am an expert or anything on it, but hey, it’s worth a shot or 20) It’s also the perfect everyday look-as an NW 20 (meaning pale), I find that this is good for a non-offensive, subtle look that many people go for.

Finally, the Lip Veil is a clear iridescent milky sort of shade. It’s not a shade that I typically wear, since bright lipsticks need bright glosses over top in order to make everything good. I like the feel of it though-slick but not sticky or overwhelmingly thick, nicely scented but without flavour. In essence, if I wanted to use some disposable lip brushes, I could use it to amp up my beloved PRO lipsticks-but that tends to be a bit too much trouble for me, and I have glosses that coordinate perfectly with Full Fuschia and Show Orchid.

The lip balm that was a freebie with the set is decent, but it’s nothing extraordinary. It is slightly coral-tinted, but not so much so that showed up on my lips for very long. Then again, I could just be so used to my bright lipsticks that I don’t notice stains or tints.

Final verdict? This is definitely a great value, and even if it’s not on sale, I would suggest getting it just for the eye quad.


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