Merry Christmas!

25 December, 2010

Hopefully Santa was nice to all of you-he was definitely nice to me! Here’s what Santa brought:

OPI Teasey Does It and Simmer & Shimmer
A midtone pink Juicy velour hoodie, with snowflake zipper pull
Viva la Juicy roll-on
Plaid rain boots and high socks for inside (the boots were way too small though, as in cutting off circulation)
$50 MAC giftcard
A silvertone bracelet brought back from Morocco (my relatives, who had not been the greatest in their gifting towards me in the past, hit it way out of the park with this one-I am a sucker for accessories and am just starting to get into bracelets)

I’m to the point though where I honestly don’t need a ton of gifts, since I end up buying myself most of the things I want anyways-and the Juicy hoodie was the main thing I really wanted! The rain boots were a definite need, as living in Seattle with our torrential rain you have to have rain-equipped shoes. Everything else was just a bonus, and besides, everyone in the family is still alive, we had a relative get married, I’ve kept my job, and I’ve started to think about goals for next year.


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