MAC Cham-Pale and Stylishly Yours Reviews

25 December, 2010

Note: I may or may not have swatches available for this collection. This is more of a quick and dirty review, unfortunately.

Two collections, with two completely varied aesthetics. Cham-Pale is champagnes and pale golds, with some darker shades thrown in for good measure-while Stylishly Yours is one of the brightest collections in recent memory. I’ll start out with Stylishly Yours!

First up, the lipsticks are nice, but they are so dupeable it is not even funny. Neon Orange is a PRO shade, available on the website right now (under the section of global trends), but it is available to be bought at all times. Cockney was a Euristocrats shade and has been in the US before, and I think you were still able to get it on the website anyways. Then the other two-put it this way: if you have Violetta and Show Orchid, skip these. They are EXACT dupes, except the PRO shades are a smidge more intense (Show Orchid with the blue duochrome, and Violetta-it’s difficult to explain, but the intensity and depth of the colour). I did pick up two of the Neon Orange, since I have been waiting forever for it. (Fusion Pink, the fifth of the PRO Amplified Brights, is also on the website right now) The others, though? Cockney is a Lustre, which is a finish I tend to avoid except for really dark colours. For a red, it has to be either Amplified or Frost. And I am addicted to Show Orchid, and I’d rather order more Violetta.

The pigments are NICE. Violet was one of my first MAC items ever, back in January of 2008, and although I rarely ever touch it anymore seeing it again makes me want to bring it out of cold storage. Follow Your Fancy is something I have waited for MAC to do for a long time, at least at counters and so forth-a true frosty orange. It’s richly pigmented, it’s good for eyes, cheeks, and potentially lips, and it isn’t an Aire-de-Blu style pigment. New Fixation kind of reminds me of Brash & Bold (from Makeup Art Cosmetics)-it’s a dark reddish fuschia with a slight sparkle to it. It’s a pretty colour, but this is redder than B&B. The final pigment, the pink, I found to be way too Aire-de-Blu-ish for me. (By that, I mean a pigment that is very sheer and has a sparkle in it, as opposed to a nice frost which is lovely to play with.) I definitely got the two new pigments that I liked; hopefully it means that I can retire Neo Orange for a little bit.

The CCB’s are quite nice-and if you’re a bright blush lover, check these out. They also are great for the lips-although none are technically eye-safe-so I would look at these as being a “convertible colour”. All of them are bright cremes that will last, so check them out if you like a cream blush and skipped the Lillyland ones.

There is one new Fluidline in this-Dark Diversion-a sort of frosty neutral plum. I was hoping for something a little brighter, a little more purple-but this is the first LE Fluidline, if I recall correctly, since Uppity back in the Antiquitease collection for holiday 2007.

Finally, there are two Beauty Powders in this collection, and while I tend to like Beauty Powders, I find, in all honesty, that these are not as great as the Special Reserve highlight powders from the Cham-Pale portion. Will I get these? Of course-at least eventually. I haz a payday coming up on Friday after all!

All in all, this is a great collection, but it is VERY dupey so approach this with caution.Onto Cham-Pale, which has some nice stuff in all honesty!

First up, the lipsticks are all very forgettable. We’re talking frosty tan/gold/champagne varieties…when I had swatched them on my hand, they all seemed rather forgettable to me. The Lipgelees, though, are VERY shimmery and yes, sheer, but one of them might go home with me. They aren’t all pales-there is one darker shade as well in there, but all of them have Dazzleglass-like shimmer.

There are four Paint Pots-not a product that has LE editions very often-and there’s a very interesting range. Sure, lots of champagnes again, but there is a really pretty gunmetal that my friend could have making her way into her collection on her birthday. I am not keen on these, though-I much prefer UDPP for an eyeshadow base, and even then I don’t tend to go for cream shadows.

The eyeshadow quad would have been a great Christmas item for many people-I could have given that to at least two of my friends! Again, similar colour scheme to the Paint Pots and so forth-three lightish shades, one darker.

There are two eyeliners in this-I Get No Kick, an Eye Kohl which is a champagne shade, and the beloved Feline Kohl Power, the blackest black super-smudgey liner. There are also two Chromagraphic Pencils, in the concealer shades that have been out multiple times since Pret-a-Papier earlier this year. Studio Fix Lash is in as the mascara, nothing new there. We also have Fix+ Lavender, a couple of Lip Conditioners, Complete Comfort facial moisturizer cream, and then two nail polishes-a dirty silver and then a pale shimmery gold.

Finally, there are two Special Reserve Highlight Powders-Rose Ole, which is a pink with gold, and Chez Chez Lame, which is a gold with silver shimmer. Seeing as I have Pink Rebel lustre drops, I went for Chez Chez Lame. These are pricey, at $28, but I made that powder my only purchase from this collection.

Final verdict? This is worth a look at the very least, because there may be one or two things in here you may like, but otherwise it’s not as good as Stylishly Yours.


2 Responses to “MAC Cham-Pale and Stylishly Yours Reviews”

  1. Sylvie Says:


    I was thinking of getting Chez Chez Lame but I have New Vegas MSF. How close are these two? I find that New Vegas is a bit obvious and metallic looking as a highlight so I hardly use it.

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