China Glaze Crackle: Spring 2010

25 December, 2010

All I have to say: Touche, OPI!

This collection features SIX different crackle polishes, in what is going to be one of the hottest trends for nails this next year. If holos were 2009 and creamy pastels were 2010, then this year is all about the crackle!

The six shades are:
Black Mesh-A black crackle
Cracked Concrete-A grey crackle
Lightning Bolt-A white crackle
Crushed Candy-A teal crackle
Broken Hearted-A magenta crackle
Fault Line-A purple crackle

How these work is after you put on your base colour of choice and let it dry for a bit, you brush on a coat or two of the crackle-it will look like it’s totally covering the nail at first, but voila, the magic happens and it gets that cracked look. I’m excited for these to come back in, I totally want to layer Fault Line over Drinkin’ My Blues Away or Black Mesh over OPI’s Take The Stage. These look to launch in February, so watch the etailers closely!

More info, including where I found out about these, can be found at Chic Profile.


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