Hello Kitty Beauty at Sephora

18 December, 2010

So launching this January, Sephora will be partnering with Hello Kitty for an exclusive range of products, in the vein of the Tokidoki and Tarina Tarantino lines. (at least in my book) This line is smaller than those two, but there seems to be some fun accessories at the very least.

First off, there are two lip/eye palettes. I hate on this sort of thing big-time, however it’s two levels so that the lipglosses don’t get powder in them. At $35, they seem to be a good deal, however I have heard negative reviews on the quality of the shadows. For someone who is just getting started, though, this may be the fun sort of thing to give as a gift.

Next there are eyeshadow sticks-another thing that I tend to hate on. I have Red Velvet-a shadestick from MAC’s epic Sugarsweet collection-and it is so dry it isn’t even funny. There is a definite range, though, and Overalls looks like a glittery version of MAC’s Haunting shadow, a recent CCO acquisition that is becoming one of my most-used eyeshadows.

For eyeliners, there are a few different options. $25 will get you a set of 7 mini kohl liners (black, brown, purple, navy, teal, aqua, and golden white), although I mean mini when I say mini. The Glittercute liners are $14, and it’s a chubby glitter pencil that can work as a shadow. The blue and purple ones especially look interesting to me, so I can’t wait til it launches instore in January to pick them up. Finally, there are Pen Pal liners for $16, and Purple Balloon will be mine-a true plummy purple liquid liner. Yes please!For the lips, you have three options. Both the Big Smile and the Sweet glosses are $16 each-the Big Smile is a click-tube with sponge tip applicator, while the Sweet gloss is a stick-form. Both of them are very heavy on the pinks, with a few purples thrown in for good measure, so if you need a new pink that is not Show Orchid or Full Fuschia (or Fusion Pink), take a gander at these. On the balm side, you have the $9 pot form Apple Balm, which is nice but honestly, I just got a Tommy Bahama lip balm and I absolutely love it.

The cheeks have one option-Apple Cheeks, a stick-form blush. Four pinks of various varieties, and then Cottonball, which looks to be a shimmery white for highlights. It retails for $22, so a little more than what I am used to paying for blush but still not bad at all.

Nails are included in this collection, indeed. For $5, you can get one of four sheets of stick-on nail art…including little rhinestone flowers. Yes please! Then for $10, there’s a small range of pastel nail polishes, with a couple of glitters thrown in for good measure. That’s a little more than what I usually pay, but I may have to get the banana colour to give it a try as far as the formula goes.

There will be a perfume in the collection, retailing at $55 for 1.7 ounces-and from the description on the Sephora website, it looks to be a clean fruity floral (apple, freesia, magnolia, orange blossom) with some musk and tonka bean thrown in for good measure. The bottle itself is shaped like a Hello Kitty head, and there is a pink atomizer. That alone is reason enough for me to get it-although I have a bottle of Aquolina Tweety and the atomizer is removable-and thus, I deal with leaking any time I move the bottle. There also is coordinating lotion and body wash ($18 each for 8 ounces), a rollerball for $18 (topped with a HK head), and a fragrance splash for $35.

Finally, as expected, there are a ton of accessories. A $16 shower cap, a $12 set of 100 blotting papers, three mirrors ($18 compact mirror, $35 handheld mirror, and $49 crystallized one-sided mirror), and a $49 brush set (lip, large powder, angled eyeliner, and two different shadow brushes). I may have to check out that brush set, but as far as the mirrors go I would rather go for the Anna Sui ones.


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