Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Set

24 November, 2010

The picture of this was just posted on the Urban Decay Facebook today-way cool or what? Anywhoo, this is a wicked set. 15 FULL-SIZE liners, plus a Grind House to go with it for the low price of $92. Several of these are new, let me try and break down the shades:

Perversion-Blackest black
Corrupt-Dark brown
Midnight Cowboy-Champagne gold
Stray Dog-Looks like a blue-brown to me, which is probably WAY off base.
Binge-Royal blue (repromote)
Ransom-Blue-toned purple.
Asphyxia-Blue-duochromed fuschia. This looks VERY much like MAC Pink Pearl/Stars ‘n Rockets.
Uzi-Blackened grey

Urban Decay, on their Facebook, will be giving out stuff because they reached 100000 fans-so if you haven’t already “liked” them, make sure to do so and stay tuned on how to win!

As for the set? Yes please. This is the first in four very special sets that will be released in 2011, and if I hadn’t spent so much on clothes I would have bought this. Here’s how I look at it: the liners normally retail for $17 apiece. The exclusives alone, if you bought all 6, would be more than the $92 that this set costs. Insane deal, yes.


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