Marcel Wanders for MAC Review

19 November, 2010

So as my camera is still out of commish, no swatches:( Anywhoo, I went to check this out today at the store. It’s the annual holiday luxury collection, featuring price points more along the lines of Lancome or Estee for many things. This year, MAC has teamed up with famed architect Marcel Wanders to design the range, and I have to say: it looks downright luxe. However-I also found it to feel a bit cheap at the same time, packaging-wise for a good portion of the collection.

There are four lipsticks in the collection-I don’t recall the shade names, but there’s a somewhat-muted dark red, a fuschia, a dark brown, and then a neutral light pink/beige shade. I’d venture to say that they’re all Lustre/Cremesheen finish, but I saw nothing about the finishes of these. All of the shades are uber-wearable-if you want something out there, try Stylishly Yours (the post-Christmas collection). However, that’s the double-edged sword, as I don’t do “wearable”. I like my lipstick bright, which is why I rocked Violetta today. The fuschia is the nicest of the bunch, IMO, but everything is very dupey.

Both the lipstick tube and the handle for the gloss look like a sort of carved table leg, but in the plastic. Like I alluded to earlier, though, the lipstick tube feels really cheap. I understand that it is MAC, but at the same time it just doesn’t feel luxe-it only looks the part.

Onto the glosses, where there’s a fuschia, a sort of champagne, a dark brown, and a nude. All of these have a bit of shimmer, but there is a huge reason I am skipping: they are picky as far as getting the product out of the tube. I have Witty and well, it’s a fail. Also they’re very sheer. If you like a hint of colour, you will do well, as the only one that really got something for me worth writing about was the fuschia. Both the glosses and the lipsticks are $22.The luxury collections mean one thing: Sheer Mystery powder, which is supposedly an ultra-luxe pressed powder. It only comes in two shades this year-Light Medium and Medium Plus-but I honestly don’t know what to say about it because I have only just started using the face makeup from MAC in the last month and a half to two months. It does run $60, and I abhor these compacts: they’re pretty to look at but like the lipsticks, quite cheap-feeling. With something like a compact, it needs to either be simple or feel luxe-and this is neither.

However, for the rest of the collection, the packaging is quite nice. Every year, MAC releases Air of Style fragrance with this collection, and this time around it’s a solid perfume, in a little charm that is the same sort of shape as the compact. At $30, it’s actually a fun little gift for the perfume lover in your life, or a fun little pick-me-up when you’re tired of lipsticks and so forth. I wasn’t too wowed by the fragrance-I have so much already-but at the same time, it’s fairly non-offensive.

With this collection is a new mascara to MAC-False Lashes. It actually was a Prescriptives mascara under a different name, but my MAC girl told me that with the brand closing, there were various products that were carried over to the other brands and renamed-and this is one of them. It runs for $18, which is not bad compared to other mascaras of that ilk. The packaging is nice here, but for mascara I actually don’t care as much as say, a lipstick, since mascara tends to hide in my purse, rather than make itself known. What can I say? I tried it over my Coup de Theatre, and it seems nice enough. I may have to get it once it comes out so I can try it with its own wand-I used my style of wand, which is a plastic tooth-style brush.

These collections traditionally have a brush, and this one is no exception, with a 187 that runs for $75. Yes, $75. However, it is apparently a hand-turned wooden handle to go with the duofibers, so that explains some of it. Still, I am not paying $75 for a brush. Also traditionally in these collections is a clutch, and this one retails for $65-ish if you want. I still hopefully can get my hands on the Couture clutch from 2006; THAT was awesome.

All in all, though, my final verdict for this collection is that it’s worth a look, but there isn’t anything really worth rushing out for. They are great gifting shades, though, but if you’re like me and like crazy makeup, wait for the Stylishly Yours.


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