MAC Tartan Tale Review, With Swatches

8 November, 2010

Finally, I got to see this-I apologize for it being so late, since I am accustomed to seeing it further in advance. I guess I just put it on the back burner!

Anyways, this is just for the colour collection-not for the palettes. Those I will swatch on a different occasion, because it’s not easy going back to work with 396074609 different things on my arm. You can buy the palettes, brush sets, and the Kids Helping Kids stuff tomorrow, though-and then in a little bit you’ll be able to get the minis and so forth. Also MAC is teaming up with noted architect Marcel Wanders for the annual couture collection, and this stuff looks INSANE. But enough about that:)

This collection, honestly, is better than many of the recent holiday ones-but not overwhelmingly GREAT, either. Just…so-so. I don’t have very high expectations anymore, though, but this at least surpassed SOME of them.

There are five lipsticks in this collection-only one of them being repromoted, and it’s a PRO shade. Full Fuschia, I thought, was going to be similar to Show Orchid-not exactly. Yes, they are bright, but Full Fuschia is very reddish, very warm, while Show Orchid has a very distinct blue duochrome to it. Do you need it? Yes. Even if you are a Show Orchid addict like I am and have three tubes waiting to be put into service, you need this.

There’s also five Dazzleglass Cremes-yay! I had originally put Passing Fancy on pre-order, but when I saw it IRL, I changed my mind. I expected it to be brighter than what it is, but I’ve bought so many pale orange/peachy glosses this year that I can skip it. If you have Boys Go Crazy Dazzleglass, this is an easy one to avoid. The one I did get though was Radiant Jewels, which is a dark sparkly fuschia. Okay, so I have a ton of glosses like that, but what’s one more? I’m trying to work with my fuschia glosses to go over darker lipsticks like Cunning-I did that with Hot House, and it actually looks really pretty. Gone Romancin’, while not a shade that I really see myself wearing a whole lot, is gorgeous. It’s a super-sparkly lilac, but again, I rarely do light purples, just darker ones.

The eyeshadows are something that I honestly don’t know what to think of them yet. They seem quite pigmented, like your typical Veluxe Pearl-but they also seem very frosty, too. They could be nice, and they seem like they’d be easy to work with, but I’m not entirely sold on them. They’re definitely a CCO-wait-and-see sort of thing, because with limited funds I have to pick and choose.

The Pearlglides-four of which are repromotes-are good. If you missed Undercurrent from Art Supplies earlier this year, it’s definitely a must-have. Lord It Up, a dark bronze, was very “meh” in my book. I mean, it’s nice, but Urban Decay has better.

The pigments are great if you are a smokey eye fanatic. When I tested everything, I did not get to test Moonlight Night. Later is a repromote from Alice & Olivia, so if you missed that (it was only at MAC stores, and quantities were low) now is your chance to get it. The other one, The Family Crest, is nothing to write home about. Basically a black with bronze.

The nail polishes this time around-Sly as a Fox (neutral dark red) and Style Clan (frosty taupe) are okay, but nothing great compared to Venomous Villains or other recent polishes.

I do have to say though, the stars of the collection are by far and away the blushes. If you missed Full Fuschia, you need Her Blooming Cheek. It’s pretty much the same bright fuschia, if not a smidge lighter. I know I’m getting a ton of use out of this one already! I will do a comparison between those two as well as Florida, because I have all three and I’m sure there are dupes galore. My Highland Honey is a bright pale coral with a smidge of pearl that actually looks more wearable on than it may seem. It’s a decent alternative to Fun & Games-they aren’t terribly alike, but similar enough to where, at least on me, I could dupe them.

Finally, swatches. (Woot!)

Lipsticks: Courting Lilac, Faerie Glen, Deepest Wish, Cut-a-Caper, Full Fuschia
Dazzleglass Creme: Romancin’, Lightly Prancing, Soft Dazzle, Passing Fancy, Radiant Jewels

Eyeshadows (you ironically can get a better idea by looking at the lip pic): Glamoura Castle, Semi-Precious, A Wish Come True, Follow Your Fantasy, Golden Crown, Enviably Fun

Pearlglides: Lord It Up, Petrol Blue, Undercurrent, Black Line, Black Swan (note that I may have mixed some of them up on accident, if that is the case sorry)

CCB’s: Virgin Isle, Movie Star Pink, Reel Red…hey wait a sec! These are actually from one of the post-Christmas collections.

Pigments: The Family Crest, Later
Blush: My Highland Honey, Her Blooming Cheek



One Response to “MAC Tartan Tale Review, With Swatches”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    Now that you’ve mentioned that My Highland Honey looks like Fun and Games, I might have to look at that again. The only items I got from this collection are the pearlglides and that’s it. I simply wasn’t interested in anything else. I recommended Fun and Games to a friend a few months ago and I was really envious of how it looked on her so it was one of those blushes that I wanted to swap for to try but I kept forgetting. Could you elaborate on how different/similar these two blushes are?

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