Urban Decay Book of Shadows 3 Review

6 November, 2010

So some people may have been early to jump on this-but me? I held out for the coupons. Around this time every year, ULTA and Sephora both have special coupons (Sephora being F&F, ULTA being the loyalty), and I’d take saving money and the risk of not getting it over getting it now. I mean, that’s $10 off, the cost of a typical lunch for me. (It’s very expensive, eating where I work unless you make everything)

Anywhoo, this excited me for the sole reason that it’s a Book of Shadows. It’s an insane value in and of itself-even if you only use a few of the shadows, you still have your money’s worth. It’s also very portable (although this one less so, as it is thicker), and it’s a good core selection of shadows.

The downside? So many glitterbombs. Does Midnight Cowboy Rides Again need to be in EVERYTHING? Maui Wowie? Uzi? Take those out and put in Jones, please! At least there’s none of Baked or any of its iterations, although I do wish that there were ones like Vert and Flipside also. (I can’t get enough Flipside) I will go into this in detail on the shade-by-shade review, but honestly I think this could have been much better edited. (As in, add Jones)

But let’s get to reviewing, shall we? The packaging is thicker than the other BoS editions-mainly because of the lights. Yes, when you open up the top mirrored part, there are little lights! It’s a little NYC-inspired diorama-taxi cab, hipsters, sneakers, skyscrapers, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park-and on the skyscrapers, bridge, and on either side of the mirror, there are tiny light details. Very fun, although I dunno how long they’ll last. Still nice though!

Opening up the bottom drawer, nothing really new. There’s the ubiquitous Zero and UDPP, but the liner this time is Ransom. It’s very similar to the Deluxe shadow of the same name, however I find this to be just a smidge brighter. The shimmer on it is very subtle, so I think I might be able to try this on the waterline.

Then we get into the shadows!Row 1
Perversion: This is a basic matte black, that was in the Book of Shadows 2. It’s great for going over your waterline liner, or for a classic smokey eye. I get exactly zero use out of it, though, but that’s just me.

Uzi: This is a ultra-glittery white. Berk. It’s so glittery and everything it’s almost silver, in that sort of tinsel way.

Loaded: This is one of the new shades-it’s a blackened teal that I imagine won’t be the easiest shade to work with, but finish-wise it is absolutely gorgeous. I would buy this if it came out in single form.

Kush: Another one of the new shades, this isn’t as pretty. It’s basically Homegrown from the BoS 2 and Alice BoS, but with silver glitter. Pass!

Row 2
Midnight Cowboy Rides Again: It’s Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. Nothing more needs to be said.

Last Call: This is one of the really good permanent shades-it’s a really pretty reddish plum that would work for anybody. Not to mention, with the high interest in plummy colours…

Rockstar: This is a very hard shade to describe-I would almost say a dark neutral purple. The finish on this one is really good as well, and it pairs well with Last Call.

Money: Another new shade! This one is a very silver-toned green with silver glitter. Certainly not a colour I’ve seen a lot of before, but I hate the glitter!

Row 3
Haight: One of the two Sephora exclusive shadows, this is a nice teal that is similar to MAC Teal pigment, but a little brighter. This is one of the standouts.

Maui Wowie: Ugh. Less said, the better. It’s a beige-y gold with too much glitter.

Smog: Mmm, delish. Even though I hate neutrals, this shadow gets lots of love from me because it makes a great liner/crease colour, and it’s prettier than Twice Baked. This is lighter, a bit more gold, and NO GLITTER.

Bordello: Make this perm, please. NOW. It’s a shimmery mauve with a bit of gold glitter, but it’s not a glitter bomb.

Row 4
Radium: Exactly what I wanted MAC Freshwater to be, although I say that a lot. It’s a very easy-to-use bright royal blue that already has seen some abuse:) Another one that needs to be permanent!

Snatch: From the UD Show Pony box, this is a bright peach with gold glitter. Nothing particularly special, but I do find myself using it a lot.

Suspect: Another suspected exclusive (heh), this is like the love child of Maui Wowie and Smog, but no glitter. Another really pretty one.

Psychadelic Sister: Like a mix of Flash and Ecstacy, this is a nice purple that unfortunately can seem a bit dull, but still great.

The Books of Shadows are absolute must-have if you’re somebody who craves insane value with not a whole lot of duds. This definitely provides all of that and more-and the good news is that it seems that they’ve upped the production runs seeing how popular they’ve become. Alice may have been an exception, but putting this at the center of UD’s holiday range has paid off manyfold, I imagine.

Final verdict? Get it while you can. Each of the shadows has half the fill weight of a normal UD shadow-equivalent to $8.50 each. That’s over a $130 value in the shadows alone. Even though I say it needs to be better edited, it’s still must-have.

Oh yeah, here are my swatches!

Now apologies because some of these are not the most accurate-my camera was fighting me. Psychadelic Sister is much more purple, and Perversion is NOT brown.
Perversion, Uzi, Loaded, Kush, MCRA, Last Call, Rockstar, Money
Haight, Maui Wowie, Smog, Bordello, Radium, Snatch, Suspect, Psychadelic Sister

Ransom eyeliner:)


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