Review: Aquolina Tweety

6 November, 2010

When I first read about this perfume coming out, I was kind of excited. I looked in vain for ages though-no place seemed to stock it, which was a shame to me considering that I think it could have done well. I mean, Pink Sugar is all over the place, so this could be a good fit at Sephora to kind of maybe bring a younger audience into perfumes and fragrances. So imagine my surprise when I saw it at TJ Maxx for $13-and apparently, it’s showed up elsewhere also.

To me, normally, making a fragrance or beauty product that is expected to sell alongside the Juicys and Ralph Laurens is something many people have tried-with varying degrees of success. When it’s based on a cartoon character, especially one who has had everything from baby toys to kids dishes to bubble bath made out of it, it can be hard to do it in a manner that will appeal to a slightly older clientele. At the store I work at, we just got sweaters with Tweety, Cookie Monster, and Snoopy on them. Many people will say that they are “babyish” or “immature”-at least the teenagers who those are targeted to. To make it so that it’s something that anybody will go for is not easy-you have to keep it somewhat young and bright to get the younger audiences, while making it smell not too “young” if that makes any sense.

So does this one pass? Somewhat. If I could compare it to a fragrance, it would be a lighter, fruitier version of BBW’s Black Amethyst. I base that solely on two things-the patchouli, and the fact that it does have a lot of fruity top-notes. This one also has a little bit of floral in it, but pretty much a minute after spraying it all I get is the patchouli. For some people, that’s great. But for me? Not as much. I once was with a guy who LOVED patchouli, and after that-and before and during that as well-I hated it. So that makes it a negative. Lasting power is decent, though, and after awhile the patchouli does seem to fade, even though it is one of the base notes. It goes more sandalwood-y which I dislike a whole lot less.

The huge plus with this is that is isn’t too strong. Would my dad hate it? Yes. He hates all patchouli-I hate it, but can tolerate it IF there are enough good notes there otherwise. In the case of Angel Pivoine, specifically-I tolerate the patchouli for the peony. But is it going to be terribly offencive? Not by any stretch. Any fragrance targeted for the young audience would have to be a bit more faint-and with that, this would make a decent first fragrance or Christmas present for a teen.

The packaging is a cardboard box with lid, where the bottle is laid down. Unscrew the top cap though, and screw on the atomizer cap. Yes, one of those fun little ball-squeeze things that I played with all the time when I was a kiddo. However, the plastic on the base of the atomizer looks really cheap, and it doesn’t screw on tightly whatsoever. This isn’t a fragrance that will travel well. At the same time, though, once this perfume is finished I will decant some of another fragrance in there-potentially one of the Angel Garden of Stars that I need to buy.

Final verdict? For $13, it’s worth it. Also, if you love the patchouli, it is worth it. Otherwise, I don’t see this as a total must-buy, but rather a nice-to-own.


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