New Napoleon Perdis Stuff

4 November, 2010

Okay, I was totally browsing on Zappos-looking for some good vegetarian-friendly (leather-free) shoes, when I saw some NP stuff! Okay, sign me up right away. Not only that, but a lot of (seemingly) new stuff as well.

First up are the Tropical Heat boxes, which coincide with the fact that it’s summer soon in Australia, where the brand is king. These are a super-insane value. A Prismatic shadow quad? Normally $35-ish. These are $39, and you get a Lip Veil AND a Cheek to Chic duo in there also. I like the Ocean set, with the pink blush and blueish eyes, but it has a “sheer shine” lipgloss which promptly is throwaway for me. The Sand set is neutrals, while the Coral set is coral on cheeks and lips, while the eyes are pink, purple, silver, and gold. I’d take that one the most!

There’s also the Swept Away gift set, which is also $39, and it has a shimmery, coconutty body lotion and then a giant bronzer. Perfect for faking a glow, although my tan has already faded. Grr!

If you’re in the market for brushes, there’s a Great Escapes brush set for $79, and it pretty much runs the gamut. I’d go far enough to say that this is great for someone just starting in makeup-it has both eye and face brushes. You get a mascara spooly (also great for brows and for adding streaks to hair), a large powder brush, a foundation brush, a concealer brush, a slanted eyeliner brush, a blending brush, a crease brush, and then a shadow brush.


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