Sephora Holiday OPI’s

24 October, 2010

So today, the Sephora at my mall had an after-hours F&F event. Way cool, right? Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there for long, and because my debit card got lost, I’m on very low cash for several days. (Grr) But I figured, why not buy a little something? They had little goody bags with purchase, it was mainly a bunch of skincare but there was a gem-little .5 ounce bottles of System 2 of Clinique’s 3-step set. May have to keep that with me when I go out of town, or give it to the kids at church.

Since I was so low on cash (I had a hankering for Red Robin in the WORST way), I was pretty much limited to a nail polish-but they had the holiday ones out! Four new ones, plus a repromote and then an online-exclusive making its way to the counters. Good times.

The repromote and one of the new ones are pretty much toppers-fine and then medium glitter particles in a clear base. Only Gold For Me came out with Sparkle Me Silver earlier this year, and it’s being joined by Flurry Up, a silver variation. I love the idea, but honestly for that sort of glitter I liked Some Enchanted Evening from Lippmann better. Granted, this is half the price, but SEE is so nice that to me, it was worth it. (Granted, I did get it in the multi-pack)

Next up is Looks Like Rain, Dear, which is a gold glitter in a gold metallic base, with a little bit of medium holographic glitter thrown in. Talk about bling! I picked this one up as it was the most unique (to my collection), and it’s a solid two-coater. You will need a LOT of topcoat with this, though-it ate my Seche Vite. Yes, ate it. It’s a very thick topcoat, and it’s still very gritty. A beautiful colour, though-this is highly recommended.

There is Merry Me, which is a really pretty cranberry red glitter. I definitely think this is one that I need, because I love red shiny things (except Ruby Pumps, the Epic Nail Fail), and it seems like it could work either as a topper or as a solo colour.

Also in the category Red, there’s What’s Your Point-setta, which is a metallic burgundy colour. While it is nice, it’s so ubiquitous that it has to be really special to grab my attention-and the Burlesques are still Priority 1 in my nail polish buying.

Finally, there’s the 212 polish being repromoted-it’s very similar to OPI Shim-Merry Chic in my eyes, except a darker, blacker base and less flakies, more regular holo glitter. I may give it a try, however I like Shim-Merry Chic way better and I have a backup of it, you know just in case anything happens.


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