Thoughts: MAC Pro Longwear Foundation, Part 1

21 October, 2010

Normally, on here, I don’t devote as much coverage to the permanent line launches. Part of it is the LE mania that MAC has so effectively worked, but many times the permanent launches are foundations, concealers, et. al. However, I got a request to try out this, and I figured, why not? I’m on a first and last-name basis with many of the local MAC artists, and I have been thinking that I need to look into foundation anyways. With how much other makeup I use, this shouldn’t be too much. Right?

I went, and I got samples of both NW20 and NC 20, since I fall right in between the warm/cool spectrum. I can wear either set of colours with ease-so I figured try them out. It’s not as much about trying the shades, though-it’s about testing the wearability and how it performs.

The first one I tried was the NW 20. Now, I don’t have foundation brushes or anything, so I used the next best tool I had: clean fingers. I know, it’s gross-but since I haven’t been a foundation wearer in many years, I figured I don’t need to shell out for the 187 just yet. It feels nice and light on the skin, though-just like normal. I’m one of those people who is so used to wearing heavy makeup that I don’t really feel it when I have another layer or five on the actual face, unless it’s really thick costume makeup, aka pancake white.

It blends really easily, I feel, and it’s medium coverage-meaning that some of my freckles and my big mole on my left cheek still peek out, but it covers up some of the unevenness and so forth that I’ve acquired from lack of sleep and no lack of workplace stress. I feel that with my Lustre Drops and sunscreen, as well as assorted blushes, I can fake the foundation look, because I honestly don’t think I really NEED it. There are some people who you can tell are wearing it from several feet away, but my goal is for it to look normal-and so far, this has definitely fit the bill.

The next part of it is the wearability aspect. This touts the ability to go 15 hours, and well, I put it on a little too late in the day for the first test (I’d only be wearing it for 9 hours, tops-put it on a few hours before work, and then taking it off before bed) but I’m trying it again tomorrow. Something has to last a long time on me, because on many Sundays I am up at 8, out of the house at 9, and sometimes don’t even get back home until 9-10 PM. Actually, some days of the week I do full shifts at work, but add in hanging out with friends and transport, and it’s no wonder that I am gone up to 14 hours out of the day. I do like, though, that it doesn’t really settle into the wrinkles on my forehead or my smile lines, which is always a BIG bonus.


2 Responses to “Thoughts: MAC Pro Longwear Foundation, Part 1”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    I have like 2 samples of NC25 and 3 samples of NC30 of this foundation. I almost bought it but I changed my mind because I thought that it looked powdery on my skin and therefore obvious. I’m still on the fence about it. Like you, I don’t wear foundation much (or used to not wear foundation unless I needed coverage, but because of a bout of bad skin for the last 6 months, I’ve been using foundation virtually every day), so I had to be really careful not to be swept up by the hype surrounding this product. Someone suggested that spritzing with Fix+ will get rid of the powdery look but I find that it just sheers out the Pro Longwear foundation and I might as well not have any on. Do you have this problem with it looking like you have foundation on?

    • codekiki Says:

      Sometimes, I do-but I admit, I use clean fingers as I haven’t seen the need to shell out $40 for a 130 yet. Soon, though. It definitely has a learning curve, but I like it a lot.

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