The Essential MAC Brushes

15 October, 2010

This is something where the answer will change, dependent upon whom you ask. Well, here are my answers for the brushes that you NEED, as well as the brushes that I am looking to eventually procure.

Eye Brushes

Why do you need this? If you are someone who likes to use shadow as a lower liner, or you like something to put a small highlight in somewhere, this is an absolute must-have. While I only use it for that purpose, I don’t have another brush from MAC that I trust for that, and it’s a very key thing for me.

Why do you need this? I line my waterline, no matter what, and I like the thin liner brushes like this for that purpose. I also tend to have some black liner on top, as it makes my eyes look more complete, and I would rather have something that gets that nice, thin line as opposed to something thick, when all I need is that thin line. I also use it for my winged eyeliner, and I wouldn’t trust any other brush.

Why do you need this? This is great for putting down my highlight/browbone shade, it’s great for blending, and if you are someone who likes to do a wash of colour, it’s great for that as well. I like the 217 also, but I prefer this for the greater list of functions that it can perform.

Why do you need this? Super-precision application of shadow. I used to be loyal to the 231, but I bought this and there has been no looking back. In fact, it’s the ONLY brush that I trust in order to lay down shadow, because of its small head. It’s greatly underrated in my opinion, but I am of the opinion that smaller=better because I’m about making it precise. When you are using brights as often as I do, and in many cases neons (ie the not technically eyesafe ones), you need to go precise.

Why do you need this? While some people like to have a lot of brush for their blending, I find it to be rather unnecessary. I love this because the small head allows me to get a little bit of colour in so that I can break things up (so that there’s something between the eyelid and the browbone highlight), get it nice and blended, and at the same time not overwhelm the lid colour. I also use the tip, or the side, to blend everything, and it gets the job done. No questions asked:)

Face Brushes
Why do you need this? It’s a great, small head, it’s a duofiber (meaning that you can very easily get a nice airbrushed look, even when using blushes like Full Fuschia), and it can tame shimmerbombs with the best of them. The reason I went this over the 187 is because I don’t wear foundation, although the 187 is the next on my list so that MAYBE I can wear Shimpagne all-over.

Why do you need this? It’s the easiest way to tone down blushes that you may have had too much of a heavy hand on. With this and the 188, it’s all that I need for bright, perfected cheeks. I have two, and it’s definitely worth it.

What other brushes would I own if I could? Definitely the 187. I may also get a 222/224, solely for the purpose of applying a contour shade to better sculpt my cheeks. The 184 and 205 in the PRO line also would be nice, but not entirely necessary.


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