CCO Hunting: 8 October

8 October, 2010

Well, it’s been ages since I was able to get to the CCO…and with it being payday, a day off, and decent weather, I figured there was no excuse for me to NOT go! Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of interesting stuff-and even then I limited it greatly. I picked up:
Pearlmatte eyeshadow (from the Lillyland collection)
Full of Fuschia Technakohl
Haunting eyeshadow

They also had a few of the Too Fabulous blushes, a few pigments, the Style Black Glimmerglasses, the Dazzleglasses from last holiday (Should have reupped on Jingle Jangle, cause I am nearly out…love that gloss), all the Style Warriors lipglasses, and a couple Look in a Box sets from I dunno when. Oh yeah, the Rose Romance beauty powders. Keeping in mind that I am trying to shop for Christmas stuff, I skipped those for now.

At other outlets though, I did get some goods. I got a bright campshirt at the Michael Kors outlet that would look really cute belted, as well as a jersey dress. At Zales, I got a pair of pearl dangle earrings with yellow gold-very pretty, very delicate. Also picked up a new charm for my Juicy bracelet at the outlet, then got some Coach accessories for Christmas presents. Finally, Urban Outfitters had a really cute faux chandelier on clearance and I picked it up-now I just need to buy a hook so that I can hang it and I will be set.


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