The Lust List: October 2010

6 October, 2010

So time has come and gone, and there are many things out that, well, let’s face it: I want! Here are some of the things I am obsessing over right now.

H&M By Night collection
It’s no secret: I love party dresses. I wear them every day to work (albeit with black leggings, every woman’s BFF), and they’re fun to have. As I always say, “life is my special occasion, so I dress for it accordingly”. This fits the bill, and it’s not just good to buy dresses for winter parties-it’s conveniently timed for homecoming, for fall formals, and weddings. There’s about 15 different pieces, mainly dresses but a couple tops, a couple skirts, and a jacket as well. Pricing ranges from $34.95 (the tops, the skirts, and a couple dresses) to $59.95 (a ruffle dress seen on Kelly Osbourne)-buy now, and save the money around New Year’s.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows: NYC
Again, another total must-have. I’m just scared I won’t be able to get it, although I did get it in November of last year after it had been out for awhile. The range of shades is good-they made sure to put in a good number of exclusives, as well as some of the new Sephora exclusive shades. For that alone, the $54 is more than justified-but it’s highly portable, it stores nicely, and it’s a status symbol in a way amongst us makeup fanatics.

Juicy Couture Fireplace Charm
I recently started on a Juicy charm bracelet, and the charms are my way of treating myself when something special happens. My first one-a tiki drink-was when I got my added responsibility at work. My next thing, whatever it is-it will be recognized with this charm, which is literally a tiny fireplace with three stockings hanging from it. I also love the turkey dinner charm, while I may be a vegetarian I still find it to be hilarious. You can always count on Juicy for some fun, irreverent charms-and it’s better than some other charm bracelets out there price-wise.

Lolita Lempicka Si Lolita
I have been a fan of Lolita Lempicka fragrances for quite a few years now-quality, quirk, and most of all, not everyone’s going to be wearing it. This is another one to fall into that category-a spicy fruity-floral with a definite woody drydown that apparently is quite similar to that of many of the other fragrances, but at the same time different due to my least favourite fragrance note, patchouli. It comes in a cute clover-shaped bottle adorned with a mini scarf-very chic, to say the least.


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  1. my sister actually loves charm bracelets because she collects different types of charm bracelets`~-

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