My Venomous Villains Thoughts

6 October, 2010

Now, this is different from the review: this is purely on what I bought. I will be buying one more lippie; either Heartless or the black gloss from the Maleficient displayer.

The packaging is very, very sleek. It’s high-gloss black, with images of the characters on them. I’m sure that the reason why they are $1 more than everything else is because it’s Disney-thus, higher licensing fees. They are not stickers, although they look like it.

For the lipsticks, Violetta is absolutely amazing. It goes on as a bright pinky-purple, but the fadedown is nice. It does take quite a bit of reapplication, but it isn’t drying at all and it isn’t as intimidating as it may seem. I used to be anti-purple, then I got Go For It and now I’m hooked. Toxic Tale, although it’s a satin, isn’t drying either. It is a bright reddish-orange, but at the same time it has a really nice fade as well. I mention fade quite a bit-and it’s because when I can’t always reapply every time I want to, or I don’t get around to it on my 10-minute breaks at work, it has to be something that looks decent as it fades down. It is very bright, but it’s one that is easy to work with using all sorts of glosses.

On the eyeshadow front, both De-Vil (Coppering) and Her Alter Image (Beautiful Iris, Crystal, Crazy Cool) are similar to ones I already own-but they are definitely different, and I saw reason enough to have all of them. De-Vil is definitely different from Coppering, in the fact that it’s less red. This is one I would definitely get a second one of, in order to give my mother since she LOVES Coppering. It goes on nicely and the lasting power and pigmentation are quite good. As for Her Alter Image…yes, I have three shadows that are somewhat similar, but they are all different! Beautiful Iris is the darkest of the four, and it has a definite greyish cast to it. Crazy Cool is more true lilac/lavender, and Her Alter Image is whiter almost-it’s paler and brighter. It’s very glowy. Then Crystal is more grey with lavender tones, but it’s closest to Crazy Cool I found. It’s not the most necessary unless you are a purple fanatic like me-but then again, it’s always fun to have more.

Bad Fairy…it was worth the hype and then some. It is so blingy it’s blinding! It’s like OPI Man of La Mancha meets OPI DS Perfection with some fuschia thrown in there…and that’s not even close. It is a solid three-coater, but it works well with my Seche Vite. I kind of wish I had bought the other two, but I can get the Orly dupes eventually (if they don’t sell out of them, that is) so it isn’t a huge deal.

She Who Dares, the mineralize shadow, is absolutely gorgeous-but you NEED to use it wet because of the shimmer. That way it stays on better, and it isn’t just an ordinary black shadow. I am a huge fan of this. It isn’t my favourite ever, because there is a bit of fallout, but it’s better than a lot of the recent ones. It is sort of similar to the Style Black ones, but with more colour involved, and I can’t say I disagree with that. I also love using it to do green or blue smokey eyes, as it coordinates VERY well with them.

The lipglasses are both great, albeit not as bright on as I thought. Hot House would go perfectly with a lot of my pinks, to give them a more purple-y quality, or it would go great with Go For It to brighten it up a bit. It is really natural on me, which surprised me-I was hoping it would be a smidge more pigmented. I can’t complain though, there’s a lot of colour and it goes on nicely. Then there’s Wicked Ways, which is quintessential Cruella de Vil. It plays nicely with my other reds, but it also works well on its own. It’s a great way to ease into reds if you aren’t as into them, or if they scare you a bit.

Bite of an Apple is a very easy-to-use blush. Sure, the colour may seem bright, but it’s the perfect flushed-cheek colour, and with a 188 you can get an absolutely perfect contour, making your face look even more perfected.  It’s definitely one that if I had been able to, I would have gotten backups on. And to think I skipped it originally because I thought I could suffice with CARGO’s Key Largo…not exactly the case, as they are both quite different. Key Largo is more orange, but in a good way. Orange is always good for me, except for all-over colour bien sur.

Then I got two of the Beauty Powders. Both of them are quite similar, the only difference is that Briar Rose is deeper and more plummy than Oh So Fair. Both of them could be good with a 187 for an all-over glow, but really they work best as a sort of natural blush. Sometimes you don’t want to have a ton of colour on your cheeks, or you want a base colour (by this I mean a cheek colour, then a contour and a highlight). These are perfect for it. I frankly am a huge fan of the Beauty Powders, I have 5 or 6 of them and I keep getting more. They’re an addiction!


2 Responses to “My Venomous Villains Thoughts”

  1. Sylvie Says:


    I got She Who Dares too but how do you get the glitter to show up (I try to avoid using it wet)? I’ve only used the blue part so far and I think that the glitter is a lot less noticeable than the ones from Style Black (which I love). It just looks like a satin dark blue, and I used the B greasepaint stick as a base. Usually for the ones from Style Black, I just use any greasepaint stick as a base and pack on the MES with 239 and the glitter is almost 3D but it doesn’t seem to work with She Who Dares. I’m quite disappointed.

    • codekiki Says:

      For me, I do use it wet-just dip my Stila brush into a little bit of water, rub off the excess. Since it’s Mineralized, it can be used wet, as opposed to a pressed shadow. Also I use a 228 or 231 if I am using it as a shadow, and then over UDPP. I haven’t had any issue with that, and I’ve had the glitter show up.

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