Review: Jessica Simpson Fancy

21 September, 2010

After looking for good deals on this for what seemed like an age, I finally was able to pick this up the other day-and it was definitely a buy that was worth it! I am normally anti-celeb fragrances, because to me it seems all about a way for them to make an extra dollar-but taking one smell of this changed me.

It’s what seems so hackeneyed at times to me-a vanilla/caramel/sandalwood blend that has some fruity notes (in this case, pear and a little bit of berry) at the top before settling down to the core. However, the top notes on this one are so light, or should I say that the base notes are more noticeable! And that’s what I like-the nice sweet but mature drydown. I definitely have some nutty tones in there, a smidge of what seems to be a tiare flower or some other tropical-but it’s very vanilla, caramel, sandalwood.

The fragrance itself does make an impact, but it’s also a very non-obtrusive fragrance. I find that two sprays can work wonderfully for a few hours, so if you are looking for something that isn’t going to offend this is definitely for you. (As you all know, I proudly break “no fragrance” rules every chance I get) For that reason, this is a very good one for all ages. Vanilla works for all, and the fruity notes keep it young without making it overwhelmingly immature. I am not into the heavy patchouli-bombs that many fall fragrances can be, and as the weather turns colder this is perfect for those lazy days, just laying in my bed with my laptop and 239672638 bottles of nail polish.


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