New Napoleon Perdis

18 September, 2010

Alrighty, there are a lot of great new things, and some of these look so awesome I’d almost put off getting the Book of Shadows 3 in order to get these! (Okay, not exactly)

First up are the new Colour Discs, a range of over 30 ultra-pigmented and paraben-free shadows, with a range (shimmer, glitter, matte, metallic) of finishes. Retailing for $25 and looking to be quite sizeable, I know that I already want Tequila Sunrise, Ruby Slippers, Pink Slink, Infinity Pool, and Wild Sunflowers. Tequila Sunrise especially…*drools* If it’s a brighter version of Rock & Republic Scorch, then we may have a New Best Orange Shadow.

Also in crazy bright pigmented things for $25 are Eye Dusts, and these are a loose powder in a jar. The interesting thing is that to get it out, you shake the container while it’s closed-open it up, and it dispenses enough powder for one application. I’ll have to see it, to see how it works, but the shade range is awesome as well. Contrary Canary and Jaded Genie will be MINE. Million Dollar Mermaid looks interesting as well, and Fuschia Shock is a given considering my love of neon pinks.

There’s a $50 anniversary palette with 15 lipglosses, however it isn’t available (yet). Since I am beyond gloss, this is skippable however you never know.


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