MAC Venomous Villains Review, With Swatches

17 September, 2010

I finally got around to checking it out, doing my pre-order…and I definitely believe that this is a collection that will live up to the hype. There are very few duds in the collection, and a lot that is definite “must-buy” worthy.

I am not going to go through by displayer-rather, by product type, then the Villain and each of their shades.

Cruella de Vil: Sweet Joy is a pretty basic frost-it seems very comparable to Solar White or Nylon to me, so it’s very, very dupeable. It’s not even as nice as Solar White. De-Vil is the standout, bar none. It’s a gorgeous true copper colour, definitely less red than Coppering so if you have Coppering, you won’t be able to avoid this one. This was an item that made it on my list-granted, it’s more neutral than what I typically do, but who’s counting? Carbon is permanent, and figure 8 of 10 MAC fanatics own this.
Evil Queen: Her Alter Image is GORGEOUS. It’s like a brighter, sort of blue-toned Beautiful Iris. If you have that AND Crazy Cool from Dare to Wear, I can see you avoiding this unless you like light purples, like me. In that case…you need this. Vainglorious was the one dud. I wanted to like it, but payoff just sucked:( I may give it another try, but I am not holding my breath. Vile Violet is a matte blue-toned dark violet, and well…it ain’t my sort of colour, to be blunt.
Maleficient: These are Mineralize duos, not regular shadows, and they are GORGEOUS. My Dark Magic is a pink/plum duo (black based) but there wasn’t enough difference between the two in order to make a difference for me. She Who Dares, though, is going to be amazing if you use it wet or with a primer, because the shimmer is absolutely gorgeous. Part of it is a blue, part of it is a green, also with the black base. This is the one that I feel is the must-have of this, although I need to really play around with it some more.

Cruella: Innocence, Beware is the sort of lipstick that is put in just to make the collection more “commercial”-that is, a shade for the everywoman who wouldn’t even dare to do one of the reds (that was me before I really got into makeup), but to me, it’s just your typical neutral pink shade. Heartless is amazing. It’s a lovely true red Amplified, which is the sort of colour I can’t get enough of. This will definitely go fast, as the pigmentation is absolutely amazing.
Evil Queen: Sinister is a brown-toned Lustre, which is a finish that is really hit-or-miss for me. It would be pretty on some, but it’s not my sort of colour. Toxic Tale, despite being a satin, is probably one of the best items in the collection. It’s a BRIGHT pink-coral colour, that does not veer to being too orange or too pink. A perfect melange, with decent lasting power as well. It’s very wearable, it swatched brighter on my hand than it did on my lips but then again, it’s the kind that works amazing with my skin tone.
Maleficient: Dark Deed, a really dark burgundy Amplified, is a shade that I like but it’s not necessarily a must-have for me. I honestly think that I have enough darks already, but who knows-this may end up being mine. Then there’s Violetta, which is a perennial favourite when MAC releases their trend reports for each season-thus ending up on the website. Because I rarely order online, I don’t already own this-however this was a definite for sure when it came time for me to do my preorder. It’s a bright violet Amplified, so expect lots of colour with this one. (Can you tell what my favourite lipstick finish is?)

Cruella: Devilishly Stylish is a really pretty sort of everyday shade-it’s your typical super-shimmery light shade that works for people who just want shine and shimmer, rather than a whole lot of colour. Wicked Ways is another standout-incredibly pigmented, super wearable, and the best red lipglass since Cult of Cherry. To say that you need this is a definite understatement.
Evil Queen: Also two insanely amazing shades! Strange Potion is a pale coral that veers pink, but there’s still a definite brightness to it. I’m in love with it, to say the least. It did not make my preorder but it will be on Round 2 (yes, I am doing two rounds-one preorder, one with my usual folks). It reminds me of one of the Pret-a-Papier glosses, but even better. Hot House, on the other hand, is one that when I read about it I knew it was going to be in the order. It swatched brighter than it showed up on pictures, however it is nice and bright with liberal silver sparkle in there.
Maleficient: These are two polar opposites. Revenge is Sweet is a jelly-like purple-fuschia mix, with no shimmer whatsoever. I haven’t seen MAC put out many jelly-like Lipglasses (sure there have been other things, but not like this since I have been into MAC), so this is one that is worth a look. Wrong Spell, meanwhile, is great for those of us who are having Style Black regrets (skipped it, but then regret it) because it is a purple so dark, it’s almost black. There is a little shimmer, and it’s not as pigmented as say, Hot House, but there is a decent amount in there. I forgot to put this on my pre-order, but I will get it eventually.

Beauty Powders/Blush
Cruella: Her Own Devices is a nude BP, and I don’t think it’s the sort of colour I would use often. However, for some, I could definitely see it being a good bronzer or contour powder. (I’ll stick to my Solar Riche/Refined Golden) Meanwhile, the blush, Darkly My Dear, is a matte plum-toned neutral. Again, not my sort of colour, but it’s good to have a little bit of variety from the brighter shades in the collection.
Evil Queen: Oh So Fair is a really nice light pink BP, but at the same time, it seems sort of similar to Pretty Baby. Considering that mine is unusable (the Hello Kitty thing actually popped off, and you can’t pop it back in), this is one that could be coming home with me. I love shades like that for all-over use, though, and this will fit the bill perfectly for that. The blush, Bite of an Apple, is a gorgeous coral-toned pink, but the reason why I am skipping is because I have CARGO’s Key Largo, which is brighter and better. It’s pinker than Marine Life, but I kind of lump BoaA in there with those sorts of shades.
Maleficient: I actually did get the Beauty Powder for this one in the preorder-Briar Rose-because it’s a much brighter pink than Oh So Fair was. This is definitely going to be good as a blusher, and if we look at Alpha Girl, this is the one that I feel will sell out first. (Alpha Girl was my first Beauty Powder) There’s no blusher with this one, but still, this is the Beauty Powder to own.

Nail Lacquer
Bad Fairy: This looks very, very similar to OPI DS Perfection-which has taken the top of my list of favourite nail polish shades from DS Royal. It’s a gorgeous ultra-shimmery red/pink sort of duochrome-you need this, even if you have DS Perfection.
Mean & Green: This one is a dark purple with duochrome, and it’s very pretty. This, as well as Formidable, though, are considered to be dupeable to some of the Orly fall polishes (the Cosmics), but I don’t really like Orly as much so I’m going for these. These will sell out insanely fast, so act fast.
Formidable: This is not my favourite of the bunch-another teal-but who cares, the shimmer is pretty. All of these polishes look like they would be two-coaters, from what I tested-and make sure to use a nice high-gloss topcoat on top of your Seche Vite or whatever one you prefer.

Now, because the products are completely different, Dr. Facilier gets his own special section.
Lipgelee: Resort Life is a repromote from the Lilly Pullitzer collection. It’s a pale champagne with multi-coloured shimmer, and if it weren’t a squeeze-tube gloss I might actually get it. But it is, so I will hold off.
Greasepaint Sticks: These have returned! Slick Black is your basic black one, and it’s a repromote from I believe Art Supplies. Definitely a must if you love smokey eyes. Then there’s French Quarter, which is a black-based olive green with multicolour shimmer in it. Also a fun one, for a bit of a twist on the aforementioned smokey eye. The lasting power on these is great, it’s just I don’t typically like creamy shadow crayons, that’s all.
Pigments: All three of these are repromotes, so it’s not like you really need to act fast UNLESS you missed out on Brash & Bold. Speaking of that…it’s a bright fuschia with shimmer, and I like it much better than Fuschia pigment which on me veers way silver. If you have access to Bright Fuschia, though, you could feasibly skip this, as BF is brighter. Push The Edge, which was also from Makeup Art Cosmetics, is a dark purple with shimmer, darker than Violet. Not the sort of thing I need as much anymore, since my purple phase has definitely come and gone. Melon, the final one, is permanent, and it’s a great neutral-ish shade, meaning neutral but with a kick that makes it actually interesting.
Magically Cool Liquid Powder: These are really, really cool. This is a loose powder in a jar that looks normal-but when you put it on your face, it’s actually giving off a cooling sensation. No idea exactly HOW that works, but however it does, it’s awesome. Truth & Light is a very universal shade-a pale silvery sheer with reflects-and I can see this selling out. The shimmer is not grotesque, like even the Iridescent powders or the Beauty Powders (the loose ones), so this is something that is a must-own. Cajun is a great one for contouring and bronzing-it seems dark, but it goes on much more smoothly and is very flattering, even to my paleness. Do I think these are absolute rush-buy worthy? Not really. I rarely ever touch my loose powders, although these might be an exception due to their being less shimmery.

Finally, there’s the Oh So Vain mirror, which is basically just a large plastic compact mirror. Not something I need, thank you very much.

What did I get in my first order? Bad Fairy, Her Alter Image, De-Vil, Hot House, Toxic Tale, Violetta, Wicked Ways, She Who Dares, Briar Rose, and then I believe something else. I’m sure I did a 10-item order.

Now, for the good stuff…swatches!
Blush/Powders: Darkly My Dear, Bite of an Apple, Her Own Devices, Oh So Fair, Briar Rose

Eyeshadows: Sweet Joy, De-Vil, Carbon, Her Alter Image, Vainglorious, Vile Violet

Lipglasses: Devilishly Stylish, Wicked Ways, Strange Potion, Hot House, Wrong Spell, Revenge is Sweet
Lipsticks: Innocence Beware, Heartless, Sinister, Toxic Tale, Dark Deed, Violetta
Lipgelee: Resort Life
Greasepaints: Slick Black, French Quarter

Pigments: Push the Edge, Brash & Bold
Magically Cool powder: Cajun, Truth & Light

Mineralize duos: My Dark Magic, She Who Dares

And there you have it! Tartan Tale is the next biggie-and it launches in just a few weeks. Yes, we’re fast approaching the holidays.


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  1. Sylvie Says:

    Ah I was just wondering how Wicked Ways was compared to Cult of Cherry. I own Cult of Cherry but couldn’t bear to use it, but I bought Wicked Ways anyway just because. =D

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