New Urban Decay

8 September, 2010

Okay, so there’s quite a few new things that UD has put out, and it’s just in time for those of you who are wanting to get Christmas/holiday shopping done early! (ie me)

First up is the all-new Black Palette, featuring six shades of black-based eyeshadow, a travel size Zero, and a mini of Eden primer potion-the first time it has been a mini, if I recall correctly. Five of the shades are shimmer, along with one dark, rich matte black to keep everything balanced. The shades are:
Black Dog-Matte black
Barracuda-Black-toned silver
Jet-Black-toned purple
Sabbath-Black-toned blue
Cobra-Black-toned gold
Libertine-Black-toned emerald green

It is currently online only and retails for $36-however I expect it will be rolled out to ULTA and other locations as the season gets closer.

There is also the Jackpot set, which is at ULTA and on the UD website, and it’s like last year’s 24/7 set, so think teensy liners. You do get a full-size of Zero, though, which always helps (although how many Zero liners can one need?). There are minis of Eldorado, Electric, Binge, Stash, Mildew, Ransom, Rockstar, and Gunmetal, plus one of the Whiskey from the Naked shadow box. It retails for $39, so it’s great for something to break apart for little gifts or to give as one to the eyeliner-obsessed person in your life. Me? I prefer gel liners, so I’m staying away. For now.

Finally, there is the Box of Potions. There was something like that on the Sephora website last year, but this one is still workable. For $49, you get a full-size of the lip primer, the lash primer, the original UDPP, and then one of the complexion primer potions. I would definitely be up for trying all of them out that I haven’t already, although I am desperately wanting the professional size eye primer.


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