MAC/Rodarte Collaboration Cancelled

16 August, 2010

Well it’s official: the only way to really remedy the “wrongs” perceived by a large segment of a general public about the taste of this collection was to call it off. First, they were going to change the names. Then, they were going to donate a portion of the profits to charities working with women and children in the border town in Mexico. Then, it became all global profits. Now, though, they’ve decided to not ship the collection, and they honestly, in my opinion, had no other choice but to do that.

I am of a different opinion than everybody-I feel that some of the names were out of line, but there was a very clear vision of the collection and if they had changed some of the names and said that all the profits were going to organizations helping women/kiddos in Juarez and so forth, I think this whole brouhaha would have been avoided. But the damage had been done, people were way too sensitive and outraged, and MAC is such a global company that you cannot be as controversial. Do I support them pulling the collection entirely? ABSOLUTELY NOT. This collection, in the first place, should have been done for the purpose of awareness, as I said earlier, with the donations and renaming at the beginning. But because it got to a point, sometimes you just have to cut the cord, and that’s exactly the case here.

In a way, though, I am glad this got cancelled-because I’ve got a lot to buy from Venomous Villains, to the tune of just over $300!


7 Responses to “MAC/Rodarte Collaboration Cancelled”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    Oh I didn’t know that the collection was being pulled altogether! There were a few items that I was actually interested in, regardless of the controversy surrounding them. I suppose that the items probably went into production, so maybe we might see them integrated discreetly into some other collection under totally different names.

    • codekiki Says:

      That could be the case, because the Volcanic Thermal Mask was supposed to launch with Neo Sci-Fi and Ungaro was supposed to have a paint pot. I’ll be honest-there was some stuff I wanted from it, but yeah. It was announced this morning that the collection was being pulled altogether. I personally don’t agree, but it’s different from a business standpoint.

  2. Divinna Says:

    Regarding Mac Venemous Villains collections, will you have swatches soon?

  3. Sara Says:

    lol omg! like that is such a bummer I cant get the makeup I want. God why is everyone so uptight about a NAME!? Hello its not like MAC themselves killed all those women or whatever.

    Anything besides pulling the line would be a sloppy bandaid on a stab wound.

    • codekiki Says:

      I respect your opinion, I just have mine. I disagree that the collection should have been pulled, but it makes business sense. I can have one opinion that I hold, but working in retail, I also have to recognize the needs of the business and MAC did that.

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