MAC Fabulous Felines Review, With Swatches

13 August, 2010

Once again, I have come through with the goods-this time, for Fabulous Felines! This is the uber-big fall kickoff, and as like last year, there’s three equally-sized displayers for you to choose from. Each displayer has three lipglasses, four lipsticks, two pigments, a shadow quad, a mineralize blush, three of the new liquid liners, and then brushes. (One of them has two) I will get to the brushes at the very end, because THIS is awesome.

Anywhoo, my overall thoughts is that this is good, but not necessarily great. Granted, when you have a cat-inspired collection, you are going to have a lot of neutrals, but the fact that they put in some more unusual colours excites me greatly. In a nutshell, it builds on Pret-a-Papier, which was a bunch of neutral-ish colours. I thought that I was just going to be able to get out with three of the lipglasses-but I was wrong. I also got to try a few on, and I will have my thoughts on those.

Working our way through the first displayer (Leopard Luxe), here are my thoughts:
Eye quad: It’s definitely a very neutral quad, the most so of the three, but it’s got the classic leopard shades. The matte beige is nice, I was unimpressed with the brown, the blackish shade was decent, but the star was the neutral orange. Yum yum.

Eyeliners: The gold one is absolutely insane. This is a total must-have-think bling, on top of bling. It’s so bright it’s nearly blinding. The black isn’t anything great, and the grey is pretty, but it isn’t must-have.

Lipglasses: All of these are very, very pretty. A Quiet Roar is a whitish pearlescent shade with decent pigmentation (but obviously not opague), while Schemer is camel with pearl and also decent. Wildly Refined, though, is absolutely awesome. Think something a little similar to Thrills lipstick from To The Beach, but with more orange and in lipglass form. That’s this in a nutshell.

Lipsticks: Outminxed is a really, really pretty glaze-it’s definitely one to me that is interchangeable with Liquid Lurex. If you have one, you don’t need both because they’re that similar. Powerful is a pigmented Dazzle that isn’t overtly frosty-this is definitely one that I recommend. It’s a bronzey shade with a smidge of coral, so a perfect summer-to-fall shade. Drive Me Wild is a lovely darker coral Cremesheen-it’s not going to pull overly orange based on the swatching I did, so I think this is a good way to dip your feet in the pond, so to speak. Finally, there’s The Prowl, which is a lustre chocolate. It would definitely be a good layering lipstick, because of the Lustre finish-really pretty with Outminxed, perhaps?

Mineralize Blush: WOW WOW WOW. This is a neutral coral-again, not overly orange-and the pigmentation is absolutely insane. It isn’t a shimmer bomb-think a little less shimmer than Nuance, and more coral (obviously). That is this. I so need this, it isn’t funny.

Pigment: One of them, Old Gold, is a repromote. However, the other one, Lithe, is a new one, and it can best be descibed as this: Jardin Aires (a sort of peachy neutral) but more golden, with sparkle. It’s very pretty, it WILL sell out.

And the second (Burmese Beauty):
Eye quad: I found this to have the most pigmented shadows of the bunch, to be quite honest. The white shade wasn’t anything terribly special, but the lustre, a brown green with silver sparkle, is interesting to say the least. The gold is nice, and the matte shade is the seemingly-ubiquitous Showstopper that has been in so many collections it must tie Jardin Aires. Again, too neutral for me, but it’s nice. No question there.

Eyeliners: The dark green, boring. The chocolate brown is a nice-to-have, but that emerald green MUST BE MINE. It’s in the top three, along with the gold and the silver.

Lipglasses: Jealous is a VERY interesting colour-it’s a neutral midtone green with pearl (or a greyed green, whichever you prefer) but it is not very pigmented on the lips, so it’s off my list now. (Shame, too) Spree is really pretty, it was another one that I tried on and it was okay, but not terribly great, ya know? It’s an interesting colour-I want to say a pink-infused neutral bronze. It’s hard to describe, believe me. Fancy Cat LOOKS intimidating, and it is indeed-it’s definitely a dark colour that reminds me of a Burmese. Think espresso, and you have this, albeit this having gold pearl.

Lipsticks: Liquid Lurex is a repromote here, and IMO it’s one that is fun for a lip, because most of the time the green doesn’t pull so you are left with a fun little glaze. Pet Me Please is a really pretty frosty neutral, not my taste but still nice. To Pamper is a neutral lustre and it’s okay, but again, not my taste. Kittenish, which was a favourite at the NYFW shows in January, is a neutral berry red cremesheen that is VERY wearable. This is one that I may get just so I have a nice berry red in my collection.

Mineralize Blush: The Soft Meow is another pretty one-and while it is the one I would use the least of the three, it’s still a beauty. It’s a lovely bronze that is very wearable, so an easy way to take the bronze you got with your tan and run with it in the fall.

Pigments: Both of these-Gold Stroke and Antique Green-are repromotes. I didn’t swatch either of them.

Finally, the last one (Palace Pedigreed):
Eye Quad: This was definitely my favourite of the three, and not just cause there was a shadow called Russian Blue! (Similar to the British Shorthairs which we used to breed) It’s an all satin/matte quad, so I admittedly did have a bit of trouble with a couple of the shadows, but this is the one I would get, if I got any of them. The light beige gave me the most trouble, but that berry shade is beautiful and I want it in full-size form. Ditto on the mauve which is also easy to work with, and Russian Blue…it’s darker than I expected, but still nice.

Eyeliners: All must-haves as well! The silver liner, like the gold one, is BRIGHT and metallic. The purple liner is okay, but the blue is beautiful and will be one of the first that I get. (Cause let’s face it, my Stila Cobalt Clutch is drying up)

Lipglasses: These, by far, had my favourites. Docile is beautiful and I normally don’t do light pinky shades like this, but this has more lavender in it and a lot of pearl, so I could get some use out of this for topping Show Orchid or another lipstick of that ilk. Best of Breed is a somewhat-pigmented dusty blue. This is the one for me that is an absolute must-have…if you bought Chillin’, hoping for a nice pigmented blue, this is one that will hopefully ease some of that pain. Lap of Luxury is a pretty purple-ish red, one that would be amazing over Kittenish or even Go For It from In The Groove.

Lipsticks: There was not Aristo-Cat, but I tried the others. Superior is a gorgeous lavender toned Dazzle lipstick, so yes it is on the sheerer side. For me, this would strictly be a layering lipstick-it’s pretty though, so expect it to sell out. Of Royalty is an absolute sell-out as well, no questions asked. It’s a very pigmented pale blue pink Cremesheen that seems a hell of a lot more wearable than Saint Germain (that’s the first one I could think of). Cunning, meanwhile, is a frosty berry shade that is yes, similar to Kittenish, but not as red.

Mineralize Blush: Pet Me is another winner. It’s a very warm midtone pink, think the same base colour but different undertones as Of Royalty lipstick, to give you an idea. This is another winner, although I don’t need it since I have Pink Swoon and I never, ever touch it (sadly).

Pigments: Mauvement is a repromote for the 800th time already, and the other pigment, Bloodline, is a brown with a bit of purple and yes, some sparkle. Neither really must-haves, IMO.

Now for the brushes. No, there are not new brushes-rather, there are quality SH brushes now! What many a MAC fanatic has wanted for years-the portability of the SE brushes with the quality of the handmade full-size brushes-is now here. There’s the 227, 129, 168, and 188 getting that treatment, and while they are not specially packaged, they are absolute must haves (at least the face ones, for me-I would get no use out of a 227). It not only means I can leave a full-sized brush at home, but I can also have some new brushes in the repetoire. (I don’t have the 129, but I would love it for bronzer, and I have tried out the 168 when I borrowed it from my mum once)

So what are the must-haves in this collection? I would definitely say the blushes are, as well as Kittenish, Of Royalty, Superior, Drive Me Wild, and Powerful lipsticks. Best of Breed, Lap of Luxury, Docile, and Wildly Refined lipglasses, the gold, silver, navy, and emerald green liners, Lithe pigment, and the brushes. As always, your mileage may vary based on your personal taste. Oh yeah, did I mention the brushes?

The eyeliners are new, and apparently permanent. They are supposed to be very long-lasting, which I will have no problem putting to the test.

The collection launches at unveilings for one night only on the 17th, then online on the 24th and instore on the 26th, alongside Nail Trend, which I still am working on. Honest.

Now for swatches galore!

The eye quads: Leopard Luxe, Burmese Beauty, Palace Pedigreed

The eyeliners, plus Lithe and Bloodline pigments

The lipsticks. Top row is Outminxed, Powerful, Drive Me Wild, and The Prowl. Middle row is Liquid Lurex, Pet Me Please, To Pamper, and Kittenish. The bottom is Superior, Of Royalty, and Cunning.

The lipglasses. Top row is Wildly Refined, Schemer, and A Quiet Roar. Middle is Jealous, Spree, and Fancy Cat, while bottom is Docile, Best of Breed, and Lap of Luxury.

The blushes: Utterly Game, The Soft Meow, Pet Me


9 Responses to “MAC Fabulous Felines Review, With Swatches”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    Thank you for the review and the swatches! The eyeliners which were really the only thing that interested me look very promising indeed! None of the quads are appealing to me because I just hate how they always mix a couple of crappy textures in there. I feel that you always get a really awesome shadow in the quad and the rest are just crap. Plus, I’m not fond of the new quad packaging at all.

    By the way, I wonder if the gold eyeliner’s colour looks like Urban Decay’s Eldorado 24/7 liner? That’s the only gold liner that I’ve found that shows up on my skin.

    • codekiki Says:

      This, to me, is better than Eldorado. I think you’re going to be pleased-it is BRIGHT and shimmery. I haven’t yet bought Eldorado-kinda forgot when my most recent ULTA coupon came-but when/if UD does a Friends/Family sale soon that is definitely in my list.

      But yeah that’s why I avoid most quads-I get one, maybe two shadows I’d like and the rest are crap. I’ve only ever bought one quad-the Rose is a Rose quad-and I actually get use out of all four shadows. It’s also good for a pretty-pretty look. The other reason why I’m skipping the quads is because they aren’t my sort of colours-exactly why I am skipping the UD Naked shadow box. I’m also waiting for Book of Shadows 3, which is going to be even more epic.

  2. Georgina Says:

    Thank you for the swatches! So far I have my eye on Of Royalty lipstick, Pet Me blush and Burmese Beauty quad. I’ve not yet decided which one of the eyeliners I should get but it’s great to read your opinion on them!

  3. kristie Says:

    Thanks so much for the swatches. These are helpful in deciding what to purchase from this collection.

  4. stylebymeli Says:

    I love your detailed analysis of the collection and the swatches are great! I just wrote a review on the collection as well, be sure to check out my blog with my analysis lol.

    PS- I totally agree, the peach blush very much reminds me of Nuance (which is a favorite of mine) Do you think I NEED to buy the peach one or they are too simiilar? I want all the blushes!

  5. victoria Says:

    I like the pretty pink shade.

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